Brian Maher, Head of Product, Firmwide AI/ML Platforms at JPMorgan Chase, speaking at MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital conference

JPMorgan Chase was the lead financial sponsor of MIT Technology Review’s EmTech Digital, an annual event highlighting emerging technologies, with a spotlight this year on AI.

“This year’s conference focused on the game-changing power of generative AI and how it will impact creators and clients alike,” said MIT Technology Review. The conference highlighted AI implementation and its impact on business and society. It also featured the models behind the technology and the legal implications of generated content.

Brian Maher, Head of Product, Firmwide AI/ML Platforms at JPMorgan Chase, presented on building AI infrastructure, focusing on Large Language Models (LLM) that are used to generate natural language from large data sets. He touched on key considerations for implementing LLMs in regulated environments, like financial services and healthcare, and the need to have technology controls, risk management and governance process in place. As part of a follow-on panel discussion, Maher discussed technological, cultural, ethical, and process considerations for deploying solutions based on LLMs in high regulated industries.

“Things like Explainable AI, Responsible AI and Ethical AI which defend against events like unplanned bias are no longer being seen as optional but required for companies that leverage ML/AI and specifically where they host customer’s personal data,” Maher said. “In banking, we have a dedicated function called Model Risk Governance to assess the risk of each use of ML/AI to ensure the application of this technology does not introduce risks to our customers or to the firm,” he added.

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