Joseph Ligman

Head of Cloud Computing and Networking, Global Technology Applied Research

Joseph Ligman joined the Global Technology Applied Research team as Head of Public Cloud Data Accessibility in March 2022.

Ligman's team is currently working on cloud technology adopted to the AR/VR space for simplifying content creation and embedding immersive data in to apps and presentations. The team works on creating a platform technology for streaming, sharing, and managing immersive and unstructured data representations.

Ligman joined Global Technology Applied Research after more than 12 years at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. In the course of his career at IBM he has created and contributed technology to numerous fields, including Quantum, Mobile, Cloud, Blockchain and AI/ML. Prior to working for IBM, he spent four years at Nokia. There, he contributed to the first WebKit-based mobile web browser. Ligman started his career in game development at Lucas Arts LLC in San Rafael, CA. While there, he contributed to several popular video games including Escape From Monkey Island and Star Wars: Force Commander. 

Ligman holds several patents and has co-authored numerous research papers over the course of his career.