Hargun Kalsi

Head of Strategy and Partnerships

Hargun embodies a seasoned, strategic leadership approach within Financial Services and Innovative Technology Adoption spaces.

Demonstrating exceptional prowess in leadership, organization, and communication, she excels in her role as Head of Strategy and Partnerships for Global Technology Applied Research at JPMorgan Chase. Recognized for growing programs across large organizations and influencing senior stakeholders to drive technological change, she possesses a keen problem-solving acumen and an unwavering commitment to ambitious goals.

In her capacity as Chief of Staff to the Head of JPMorgan Chase’s Research Center, Hargun has honed her skills in driving organizational efficiency through adept management of cross-functional teams. Her proficiency in developing and executing strategic plans, optimizing operations, and fostering resolution across departments in technology-driven environments is noteworthy.

Hargun's dedication to cultivating a positive, results-oriented work culture has been instrumental in promoting collaboration, innovation, and productivity among teams. Her ability to provide invaluable insights, align organizational objectives, and execute key priorities has positioned her as an indispensable asset to the leadership team.

Complementing her professional endeavors, Hargun extends her impact through mentorship roles, serving on the Young Professionals Board for WomanKind and actively contributing to the Punjabi Chamber of Commerce’s speaker events geared towards positively impact younger generations. Her commitment to mental health and career-oriented events underscores her broader societal contributions.

Beyond her professional commitments, Hargun passionately pursues competitive bodybuilding, leveraging her platform to inspire newcomers in the fitness space through coaching, sponsorships, and a dedicated podcast. Her pursuits consistently reflect a commitment to achieving excellence while striving to create a meaningful global impact.