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J.P. Morgan Symphony WhatsApp Usage Guide

Key functionality

  • Currently supports only one to one chats
  • Links can be sent and received
  • Messages are re-encrypted by Symphony when they leave the WhatsApp network before being delivered to J.P. Morgan


Conditions of use

  • Ensure that you are authorized by your company to use WhatsApp for business communications
  • Please notify J.P. Morgan if you change roles, move to a new company or otherwise cease to be an intended recipient of communications from J.P. Morgan
  • If order instructions are sent to J.P. Morgan, you need to ensure that these are accepted by receiving a confirmation from J.P. Morgan


Limitations and constraints

  • Group or multilateral chat functionalities are not currently available 
  • Voice and video calls are not supported, please continue to contact J.P. Morgan over your usual voice channels
  • Please do not use to send images & attachments, as these will not be received by J.P. Morgan
  • Please do not use delete message or direct (in-line) reply as these functionalities won’t be available
  • Please do not use “Report” button, as a report will not be sent to J.P. Morgan
  • Due to updates from WhatsApp please be aware that your advisor will only have 24hrs to respond. After 24hrs a system generated message is sent to you if there are pending messages from your advisor. The window can only be re-opened by you by inputting any text message.

We look forward to seeing you on WhatsApp!