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J.P. Morgan WeCom Usage Guide | 企业微信使用指南(客户)

  • Ensure that you are authorized by your company to use WeCom for business communications including sharing information such as confidential information, and ensure that  you comply with your company’s policies and guidelines.
  • Ensure that you acknowledge and understand that all communications on WeCom with J.P. Morgan employees will be subject to J.P. Morgan’s monitoring and surveillance program.
  • Please ensure that your Company permits sharing of potentially confidential and potential material non-public information using WeCom.
  • Read the J.P. Morgan Terms of Use agreed to via the app,  upon installing the WeCom application and setting up your account.
  • If order instructions are sent to J.P. Morgan, you need to ensure that these are accepted. For the avoidance of doubt, JPM will acknowledge receipt of any instructions received from you by repeating and/or confirming your instructions in the reply message.
  • Please notify J.P. Morgan if you change roles, move to a new company or otherwise cease to be an intended recipient of communications from J.P. Morgan

  • Do not engage in multilateral chats involving other non-J.P. Morgan parties, such as other advisers. Multiple individuals from the 1 Client + multiple J.P. Morgan employees within the 1 chat conversation are allowed.
  • Do not keep a chat open on an on-going basis primarily for the purpose of discussing social and / or non-business-related topics.
  • Please be aware that J.P. Morgan employees will not be using WeCom to send images and attachments or conduct voice memo, voice calls or video calls – please continue to use existing channels of communication for this purpose e.g. email or telephone call.
  • Limit the use of emojis or emoticons. While the use of emojis is supported on WeCom an emoji is not considered as an acknowledgement or agreement. Please provide your acknowledgement/agreement in words.



  • 确保阁下已获贵司授权将企业微信作为商务沟通工具(包括分享机密信息),并确保使用企业微信符合贵司的所有政策和准则。
  • 确保阁下认可并理解通过企业微信与摩根大通代表的所有通讯内容均受摩根大通监控与监督机制的管辖。
  • 确保贵司许可使用企业微信分享潜在机密信息与潜在重大非公开信息。
  • 安装好企业微信、账户设置完成后,请阅读与您的摩根大通代表发送给您的摩根大通企业微信使用条款,并点击同意。
  • 将订单指令发送至摩根大通时,阁下应确保该订单指令已被摩根大通接收到。摩根大通将在回复消息中重述和/或确认您的指令,以此来确认我们已经收悉您的指令。
  • 如阁下更换职位、加入新公司或因其他原因不再是摩根大通相关通讯材料的接收人,烦请通知摩根大通。

  • 请勿参与涉及其他非摩根大通人员(例如其他顾问)的群聊。在一个群聊内有来自同一家客户的多名员工与多名摩根大通代表的情况不属于此例。
  • 请勿持续讨论社交话题和/或与业务无关的主题。
  • 敬请注意摩根大通员工不会通过企业微信发送图片、附件或录制语音备忘录、进行语音/视频通话。请继续使用邮件或电话等相关现有沟通渠道。
  • 请尽量减少使用表情符号或表情图案。虽然企业微信支持使用表情符号,但任何表情符号均不应被视为等同于认可或同意。请以文字形式表示认可或同意。