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Global Liquidity Management

A complete solutions suite that integrates liquidity, payments and FX

The global capabilities, industry expertise and transformative technology to support you at every stage of your cash management journey.

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How Can We Help?

Whether you are seeking to control, gain visibility into, or optimize your working capital, we have the capabilities to help you meet your liquidity objectives.



Maximize visibility of cash across your global entities and banking partners to make informed decisions.


Account Services

J.P. Morgan’s Account platform is always connected, always available and is fully integrated with our Payment and Liquidity platforms and products.  

  • Real-time balance and transaction reporting with instant confirmation of transactions.    
  • Flexibility to send data when you need, configurable to set minimum transaction value thresholds and balances, throughout the day, for improved visibility.
  • Delivered in standard format that can easily integrate with existing systems and reconciliation tools.



Release idle balances and free working capital through centralization and deployment of your global cash.




Maximize the value of balances, reduce operating expenses and enhance returns.


Unlock the Advantage


Discover how we deliver exceptional value across the entire payments continuum.

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