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Export Letters of Credit

Explore new partners in an unprecedented marketplace

Exporters are taking advantage of market disruption by diversifying to new trading partners. Export Letters of Credit can help you establish a secure payment solution so you can still source new sales opportunities while managing your risk appetite.  

Benefit from an unmatched global network

Take advantage of J.P. Morgan’s global banking footprint. Local expertise benefiting from our state-of-the-art single global processing system paired with the latest digital solutions that not only improve processing times but help reduce settlement risk.

Grow your business with a premier partnership

Grow your trade business with J.P. Morgan and benefit from our global reach and network of correspondent banks, fortress balance sheet, access to market leading digital solutions and superior client service with dedicated support staff.

Manage trade finance risk and create growth opportunities by partnering with a market leader in Export Letters of Credit.

Main takeaway from us is the overall speed & consistency in quick document review and payment – especially during Covid

Bayshore Group LP


Trade Channel: streamlined processing and heightened visibility

Trade Channel is an intuitive web-based platform that helps you gain visibility into your export transactions, allowing you to better manage your trade finance receivables.

Whether you need easy access to Export Letters of Credit and amendments advised to you, digital presentation of documents or transaction information, Trade Channel can meet your trade finance needs.



Paper and manual documentation is the main pain point in the trade finance flow for 60% of corporates and 65% of banks 1 . That’s why J.P. Morgan has invested in Trade Channel, an online global tool which aims to automate, streamline and simplify the process.



1. 2019 Digital Ecosystems in Trade Finance: Seeing Beyond the Technology – Boston Consulting Group


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