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 J.P. Morgan ConcourseTM



One Connection for a Whole World of Payments.

There are more ways to make and receive payments than ever before. That’s where Concourse fits in. It’s an innovative solution that helps connect your organization to its customers and suppliers through a single, ready-to-use platform.

 Helping Connect Your Business to Your Customers and Suppliers

Pay anyone, anywhere—all from a single platform. Connect to your customers and suppliers with flexible options to make and receive payments—including ACH, credit and debit cards, digital wallets*, and more. The solution is currently available in the U.S. and Canada.

Connect on your terms from a single access point. Integrate your existing brand with customizable digital experiences like desktop, mobile, voice and in person—all from a single access point that seamlessly flows into your existing digital operations.

Helps build customer loyalty, strengthen supplier relationships. Build a seamless digital experience that helps take friction out of payments, enabling your customers and suppliers to make and receive payments with more options.

Offer your customers the payment types they want and expect. Give your customers the flexibility to choose from multiple options to pay—whether it’s credit or debit cards, digital wallets and more.

Guard your customers with fraud protection. J.P. Morgan’s industry-leading fraud prevention and monitoring capabilities** help provide clients peace of mind. Store your customers’ sensitive payment information offsite with J.P. Morgan.

Reach your customers with seamless digital experiences that look like your business. Help increase customer loyalty by offering a unified payment experience with a modern desktop and mobile interface that can be customized to match your brand, including your logo and colors.

Track and receive payments. Help facilitate the migration from paper checks to electronic payments to get your suppliers paid faster with easier payment tracking.

Help strengthen your supplier relationships. Create a frictionless payments experience that gives your suppliers the power to choose from multiple options to collect, such as ACH.

Reach your suppliers with a seamless online portal. Help improve your suppliers’ payables and receivables experience by offering an online branded portal that looks exactly like your business.

How Concourse Helps Enhance Your Business

How Concourse Helps Enhance Your Business

How Concourse Helps Enhance Your Business

Whether your business is at the beginning of its digital transformation or further along, Concourse meets you where you are. Here’s how:

Connect to a World of Payments in Weeks, Not Years

With our turnkey solution, your business can connect to payments across multiple channels—including desktop, mobile, voice and in person—within weeks. And with a seamless integration into your existing operations, it helps reduce your number of payment providers and processor relationships.


Integrate Exactly to Your Needs

Use less of your own tech resources by using more of ours. With flexible integration options, you can use our ready-to-use hosted digital solutions, or bring your own while taking advantage of our security and payment capabilities—or customize anything in between. That means if you need a fully custom, hosted website, we have you covered. If you prefer to use your own, connect to us using APIs.


To learn more, please contact your J.P. Morgan Treasury Services representative.


 *Future capabilities and timelines are subject to change.
**Source: 2019 Greenwich Associates Digital Banking Benchmarking study – best in breed designation for Fraud Prevention/Monitoring.