Emma A. Sheafer Charitable Trust 


The Emma A. Sheafer Charitable Trust provides capacity-building support to performing arts organizations in New York City.

Funding Interests:
Performing arts organizations with an annual operating budget less than or equal to $1,000,000 as of the last fiscal year. Performing arts include dance, theater, and music.

Type of Support:
Grants are provided for capacity-building support and small-scale capital projects. Support is not provided for commissions, programs, or project-related requests. Grants may be single year or two-year commitments, and are typically $15,000 – $30,000 annually.

Geographic Focus:
New York City

A minimum of three years must elapse between grant awards, calculated from the last fund distribution date. No grants are made to individuals, private foundations, governmental organizations, or for matching gifts or loans.

Organizations must be classified by the Internal Revenue Service as public charities and tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Grant Cycle:
The annual application deadline is August 1. Grant notifications and awards are sent to all applicants in November.


Please include the following items in your organization’s request:

1. Proposal (maximum of three pages, 12 pt font, normal margins) which includes:

a. Overview of the organization (i.e., primary goals, needs or problems being addressed, population served)
b. Description of the project for which you are seeking support

i. Statement of purpose and the needs being addressed by the project
ii. Population served and how they will benefit from the project
iii. Project timeline/anticipated project duration

c. Brief biography of the executive director and key project staff

2. Project budget

a. If it is a two-year request, please include a two-year projected budget
b. Include a list of foundation, corporate and other support applied to the budget

3. Current fiscal year organizational budget

a. Also include a projected budget for upcoming year (if available)
b. Indicate if the organization has an endowment

i. Quote the most recent value of the corpus
ii. Indicate if the funds are permanently restricted or board restricted

4. List of foundation and corporate supporters

a. Include a list of funders for the current fiscal year
b. Also provide a list from the most recently completed fiscal year
c. Include foundation and corporation names and amounts

5. List of board members

a. Include professional affiliations (employer)
b. Include length of board service


Please note:
All applications to the
Emma A. Sheafer Charitable Trust
must be submitted online.


Total Grantmaking in 2022 - $378,000

Broadway Advocacy Coalition, New York, NY
$25,000 as the final installment for hiring a Development Manager

Broken Box Mime Theater, Brooklyn, NY
$20,000 as the final installment for a Full-Time Role for Artistic/Executive Director

Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, NY
$25,000 as the final installment for the hiring of a new Director of Development

Choral Chameleon, Inc., Bronx, NY
$25,000 as the first installment for hiring an Education Director

CO/LAB Theater Group, New York, NY
$25,000 as the final installment for a full-time Development Manager

Harlem Chamber Players, New York, NY
$25,000 as the final installment for the Harlem Chamber Players' Organizational Development

Gallim Dance Company, Inc., Brooklyn, NY
$30,000 as the first installment for Health Care Benefits for GALLIM Staff

Houses on the Moon Theater Company, New York, NY
$15,000 as the first installment for hiring an Education Coordinator

Jack Arts, Inc., Brooklyn, NY
$30,000 for the 20 Putnam Space Expansion Project

Kyoung Pacific Beat, Brooklyn, NY
$25,000 as the final installment for hiring a Producing Director

Mabou Mines Development Foundation, Inc., New York NY
$25,000 as the final installment for hiring a new External Affairs Manager

Multicultural Music Group, Inc., Bronx, NY
$25,000 as the first installment for administrative capacity building

Pipeline Theatre Company, New York, NY
$25,000 as the final installment for a Director of Development

Superhero Clubhouse, Brooklyn, NY
$25,000 as the first installment to hire a Development Manager

Teatro Circulo, New York, NY
$30,000 as the first installment to help bring Director of Development and Director of Marketing positions from part-time to full-time

Wild Project, New York, NY
$28,000 for the Production and Operating Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Contact Information

All application materials must be submitted online. All correspondence, including receipts and reports, should be addressed to the appropriate contact person.

E-mail: Lindsey Crane, lindsey.s.crane@jpmorgan.com
             Cheryl Anhava, cheryl.b.anhava@jpmorgan.com