Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation


Regina Frankenberg directed that the remainder of her estate be used to establish a foundation to support organizations and programs that promote the care, conservation, treatment, well-being and prevention of cruelty to animals.

Funding Interests:
Animal welfare, through two focus areas:

  • Protecting endangered and threatened species by supporting conservation and research; and
  • Reducing the homelessness, mistreatment and euthanasia of companion animals through adoption, training, spay/neuter and other programs by providing capacity building and infrastructure grants to organizations doing this work.

The Foundation typically does not provide general operating support.

Geographic Focus:

  • With respect to wild animals: National, including U.S. organizations with international programs.
  • With respect to companion animals: New York City and neighboring counties only.

No grants are made to individuals or private foundations or for matching gifts or loans. Organizations requesting support must have annual operating budgets of $250,000 or more. Organizations receiving support must not engage in or supply animals for vivisection. The Foundation does not provide support for projects in which animals are held in captivity and also does not make grants to wildlife sanctuaries.

Organizations must be classified by the Internal Revenue Service as public charities and tax-exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

Grant Cycle:
The annual application deadline is July 1. If July 1 falls on a weekend, the deadline is the next business day. Decisions are made before the Foundation’s fiscal year end, which is December 31.

Type of Support:
Project, capital and capacity building

JPMorgan Chase Relationship:
Sole trustee


Please include the following items in your organization’s request:

1. Proposal (maximum of three pages) which includes:

a. Overview of the organization (i.e., primary goals, needs or problems being addressed, population served)
b. Description of the project for which you are seeking support

i.      Statement of purpose and the needs being addressed by the project
ii.      Population served and how they will benefit from the project
iii.      Project timeline/anticipated project duration

c. Brief biography of the executive director and key project staff

2. Project budget

a. If it is a two-year request, please include a two-year projected budget
b. Include a list of foundation, corporate and other support applied to the budget

3. Current fiscal year organizational budget

a. also include a projected budget for upcoming year (if available)
b. indicate if the organization has an endowment

i. quote the most recent value of the corpus
ii. indicate if the funds are permanently restricted or board restricted

4. List of foundation and corporate supporters

a. include a list of funders for the current fiscal year
b. also provide a list from the most recently completed fiscal year
c. include foundation and corporation names and amounts

Please note:
All applications to the
Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation
must be submitted online.


Total Grantmaking in 2022: $1,200,000

Animal Medical Center, New York, NY
$50,000 for the Fund for Hope

Bideawee, Inc, New York, NY
$75,000 as the first installment for the Bideawee's Community Initiatives Program

Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, Inc, Brooklyn, NY
$50,000 for the Regina Bauer Frankenberg Rescue Spay/Neuter Fund

Dogs Trust USA, New York, NY
$75,000 as the first installment for the Dogs Trust USA Dog School & Professional Development Program

Friends of Animals, Inc, Darien, CT
$100,000 as the first installment for the Spay & Neuter Program

Humane Society of the United States, Gaithersburg, MD
$100,000 as the first installment for the Humane Society of the United States Animal Rescue Team

SPCA of Westchester, Inc, Briarcliff Manor, NY
$75,000 for the Friends of Ferals Program

Blackfoot Challenge, Inc, Ovando, MT
$50,000 as the first installment for carnivore co-existence activities

Endangered Species Protection Agency, Coalville, UT
$40,000 as the first installment for the investigation and exposé into the commercial whaling industry in the Norwegian and Barents Seas

Fauna & Flora International USA, Inc, Washington, DC
$40,000 as the final installment for combating poaching and trafficking of six critically endangered Sturgeon species in Georgia

Indiana Forest Alliance Indianapolis, IN
$50,000 as the first installment for the Midwest Deep Forest Bat Survival Project

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, New York, NY
$30,000 for the ecological carrying capacity study for Rhino on the Lewa-Borana Landscape

NatureServe, Arlington, VA
$75,000 as the first installment for the Conservation Status Review Project

Panthera, New York, NY
$120,000 for the Regional Puma Conservation Program for Patagonia

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
$50,000 as the first installment for reintroducing of the Swift Fox to Aaniiih and Nakoda Lands in the Northern Great Plains of Montana

University Of Idaho Foundation Inc, Moscow, ID
$45,000 as the final installment for a study assessing increases in hunting and trapping on Idaho's gray wolves

WildAid, Inc, San Francisco, CA
$35,000 for the protecting elephants and communities with a smelly repellent

Wild Earth Allies, Chevy Chase, MD
$65,000 as the first installment for the urgent nesting site protection for critically endangered hawksbill turtles in El Salvador

World Wildlife Fund, Inc, Washington, DC
$50,000 as the final installment for improving “Sniffer Dog” health and safety to detect wildlife contraband

Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs, Portland, OR
$25,000 as the final installment for supporting non-surgical sterilization through ACC&D’s Council of Stakeholders

Contact Information

All application materials must be submitted online.

All correspondence, including receipts and reports, should be addressed to:

The Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation
c/o Ms. Lindsey Crane, Program Officer
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Private Foundation Services
390 Madison Avenue, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10017


Please note that electronic correspondence is preferred.