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Data and analytics to unlock investment insights.

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Seamlessly access a rich marketplace of financial and market data with DataQuery, the flagship data application for J.P. Morgan’s Corporate and Investment Bank. DataQuery offers an extensive data history and comprehensive cross-asset coverage that helps you unlock valuable insights to guide your decision-making.

Browse and access normalized datasets from J.P. Morgan Research and Trading, as well as third party providers specializing in ESG, economics and more. DataQuery’s suite of integrated analytics tools enable you to easily construct, visualize and share your investment analysis. Automate and seamlessly integrate data from DataQuery into your workflow with a range of data delivery services including API and Web.

Let DataQuery support you at every stage of your data journey.

Historical time series
Data Sources
Datasets through a
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Access cross-asset data from J.P. Morgan and selected third parties

J.P. Morgan’s proprietary Economic forecasts, nowcasters, revision indices and quant signals by J.P. Morgan Economic Research, with extensive history and covering over 50 economies.
Global Indices
J.P. Morgan Benchmark Indices spanning global Macro, Securitized, Credit and Emerging Markets with coverage including flagship EMBI, CEMBI, GBI and JESG Index families.
Fixed Income
Global Fixed Income Benchmarks and Cash Securities, Outright and Forward Curves, Money Market, Reference Rates, Index Spreads, Issuance and Liquidity related series.
Interest Rate Derivatives
Global Fixed Income Benchmarks and Cash Securities, Outright and Forward Curves, Money Market, Reference Rates, Index Spreads, Issuance and Liquidity related series.
Securitized Products
US Securitized Mortgage Credit including MBS, TBA, ABS, RMBS, CMBS product coverage. J.P Morgan Research MBS Pre-payment Analytics, Issuance and Liquidity related series.
Foreign Exchange
Global FX Spot and forward rates for 60+ currency pairs. JPM FX Research Effective FX and Emerging Market Indices, Implied FX Yields/Returns and Liquidity related series.
Credit Products
Global DM & EM Credit Cash bonds, CDS Single Name, Index, Index Options and CDS Bond Basis indices. J.P. Morgan US Credit JULI and High Yield Index families and constituents.
Emerging Markets
Global EM Government, Sovereign, Corporate bonds and J.P Morgan EM Benchmark indices. EM Interest Rate Swaps, Cross Currency swaps, and EM Credit CDS and Indices.
J.P. Morgan Research Commodity Forecasts and Commodity Curve Index Family (JPMCCI).
FX Volatility - Calendar Weights
J.P. Morgan’s desk marked day weights and daily vols for forward-dated market impacting events across 40+ currency pairs.
FX Volatility – Non-ATM Benchmark
J.P. Morgan’s volatility surfaces in benchmark expiries for over 300+ FX direct and cross currency pairs with +20 years of data history.
Equity Volatility - Indices & Index ETF
J.P. Morgan’s volatility surface for Global Indices and Index ETF with forward levels derived from J.P. Morgan dividend estimates, spot and fair value levels used for Variance Swaps.
Interest Rate Volatility - Options Products
J.P. Morgan’s Options and volatility surface data for Swaptions, IR Caps & Floors, Seven-point smile for benchmark terms and expiries, Mid-Curve Options and Yield Curve Spread Options.
Equity Positioning and Fundamental Signals
Market timing signals for the US equity market based on fundamental and derived external positioning data.
Interest Rate Derivatives Data Service
Strategic pricing and analytics time-series offering for Interest Rate Derivatives, with analytics powered by J.P. Morgan’s global pricing and analytics platform (Beta).
ESG Data from RepRisk
ESG risk data for 175,000+ public companies and infrastructure projects, with 101 ESG factors mapped to official international organizations and goals .
Economics Data from IHS Markit
Macroeconomic data to support detailed economic analyses and broad cross-country comparisons across 200+ countries.
Liquidity Scores from ICE
Independent, near-term views of relative liquidity, supporting liquidity risk management and the ability to exist a position at or near current value.


We work with third party vendors including IHS Markit, RepRisk and ICE Fixed Income & Data Services, to curate a comprehensive selection of data available through DataQuery.

Interested in working with us to make your data available through DataQuery?
Get in touch to learn more about partnering with us to expand your global reach: DataQuery@jpmorgan.com


Optimize how you use and extract data with flexible channel connectivity

DataQ Well Explore the data catalog, construct pre-trade analysis, monitor markets in real-time, develop custom visualizations and track investment opportunities, all on-demand via DataQuery Web. DataQuery Web
API Well Seamlessly discover, navigate and download the complete data catalog using the DataQuery REST API. Compose requests to extract market data at the dataset, instrument and expression level. DataQuery API
Batch Well Automate the delivery of your data with DataQuery Batch. Create custom datasets, configure reports, and automate the distribution of your data via SFTP and email. DataQuery Batch
Excel Add-In Well Integrate DataQuery data directly into your workbooks, analysis and models. Leverage auto- refresh, the common functions library and run-time compute using the Excel add-in. DataQuery Excel

Features and Capabilities

Features and solutions to help you extract maximum value from your data

Data Analysis

Advanced analytics capabilities and data visualization to help you validate your trade ideas. Built-in functionality enables you to transform data and choose from multiple data visualizations, including XY charts, cycle charts, and bubble charts.
Data Dashboards

Data visualization and collaboration capabilities that enable you to enhance your analysis and convey your market perspective. Dynamically view and interrogate custom queries, market behaviors, and trade ideas.
Data Insights

A unique opportunity to interrogate data studies created by J.P. Morgan.
Market Monitor

Real-time prices and intraday historical movements for key instruments across asset classes, Market Monitor also provides change on day and 90 Day Z score.

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