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Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason Transcript

Steve: Technology was much more than an equalizer for me. I had to make a transformation and adopt technology into in my life to solve critical problems. That transformation and subsequent adoption of technology saved my life. Without the technology and equipment I am using, I'd be dead.

While the research project we helped launch, called Answer ALS, has become the largest ALS research project in history, I’m not holding out for a medical cure to save me. What we do know is that with the exponential advancements in technology and equipment, it certainly is possible to continue leading productive and meaningful lives despite an ALS diagnosis.

Michelle and I have been trying to have a baby for a couple of years. So learning that Rupert would be born 10 months after I was diagnosed was pretty insane. I made the decision to share as much of myself, my stories, my advice, my failures. I wanted to share everything that I possibly could with Rupert. I believe that is what dads do. They share themselves fully with their kids so their kids can learn from the weaknesses and build upon the strengths of the previous generations.

I think all people, whether they realize it or not, are on the hunt for meaning and purpose in their lives. I’m no different. Even with the adversity I face daily, I feel my search can feel more eager than most people’s. I often have to step back and try to understand that the other person is a brilliant opportunity for me to fulfill my ultimate purpose. My constant inspirations are the times spent with my son Rupert and daughter Grey. Their lives are always an inspiration.


Steve Gleason, former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints and founder of the Team Gleason Foundation, shares the importance of assistive technology in helping people with ALS continue to live purposefully and productively – and how it has changed his life.