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Miko Branch

Miko Branch

What was it like to build a business with your sister?

As an innovator and as a pioneer in hair care, my sister and I had the opportunity to see this business evolve during a time when there were no Miss Jessie's on the Target shelves or Walmart shelves. It was Titi and I that took to our kitchen table and created concoctions that would really help women, primarily women, but now it's men and babies, care for their hair. You see this customer was willing to spend a higher price tag to purchase the products that really mattered to her and that gave her the results.

How does failure help entrepreneurs?

So failure for the entrepreneur is inevitable. It's something that you'll experience. Challenge, hardship, failure for me in partnership with my sister was probably the best thing that ever happened to us. Had we not experienced failure we wouldn't have had to have thought outside the box to come up with a new solution to become the brand that we are today.

Why did you write a book about your business experience?

Our business memoir is an important one because the book talks about how we built our business from scratch. We had no loans, we had no angel investors, but with our God-given talent and with our partnership we were actually able to become pioneers. And to be able to put a price tag with that thing that you love or that thing that you're good at is a wonderful combination. And I think hearing our story is going to really help women to be their own bosses. But also encourage women to do what they love. I think we're going to see a lot more happier female entrepreneurs out here.

Who inspires you?

My family inspires me tremendously. I was fortunate enough to have a few family members that have played a key role in my development. My grandmother Jessie Mae Branch was the first CEO that I'd ever seen. I had an opportunity to sit around her at her kitchen table and watch her delegate, but watch her create things from scratch. But I was able to get the tutelage that she offered me with love, with kindness, and with all of the best intentions. And I do believe with that partnership I'm able to be a better woman in business.


Beauty entrepreneur Miko Branch describes why “failure was the best thing that happened to us.”