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Dayna Quanbeck

Dayna Quanbeck


84 percent of the employees at our headquarters are women, and I'm so grateful to be a leader and be on this team at Rothy's. Credit, though, goes to Roth and Stephen, our co-founders. They created this beautiful product for women and then hired women to be the voice of the brand, and to lead with authenticity and have such a strong female leadership team was important to them.

Data plays a big role in our day-to-day business at Rothy's. We are able to launch a new color, a new product, and read and react to how well it's selling, and get a PO written to our Chinese factory and get that product back into our warehouses really in a very quick amount of time.

The advice that I would give young entrepreneurs that are exploring a career in fashion is listen to your gut, and stay true to your beliefs. It's important to incorporate feedback but also going with your gut and what you're passionate about, and that really lives in the products that you create and the fashion that you bring to market.



Rothy’s CFO Dayna Quanbeck explains how diverse leadership and data are fundamental to the sustainable shoe company’s success.