What if you and your clients had an easy way to view your trade transactions updates on demand?

Now you do.

Presenting Trade Express Inquiry from JP Morgan, our digital transaction status inquiry tool that provides a real time, high level look at any transaction globally 24/7, saving you time, and eliminating the need to contact our client service team.

With it, you can see all traditional trade transactions, including commercial letters of credit, stand by letters of credit, bank guarantees, documentary collections, and bank to bank reimbursements.

No login is needed. Simply enter your JP Morgan branch, a reference number, the date submitted, and the transaction currency, and amount. And click.

It's that easy.

You'll instantly see the status of your trade transaction, whether it's received, in process, processed, settled, and more.

Most importantly, you can relax knowing your transaction information is secure thanks to JP Morgan's industry leading technology. Trade Express Inquiry.

Get started by visiting our website today. Welcome to the future of digital trade.