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Experience our market-leading supply chain finance solutions that help buyers and suppliers in Latin America meet their working capital, risk mitigation and cash flow objectives.

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| 1:51

Early Payment Program from J.P. Morgan and KLYM

| 1:51

Early Payment Program from J.P. Morgan and KLYM

Text, Early Payment Program

from J.P. Morgan and [KLYM]/KEYEHLWAYEHM/

An orange speech bubble among a series of shifting blue speech bubbles. An exclamation point on the orange bubble. Text, Priorities are constantly evolving

A blue circle shatters. Text, Solutions are fragmented.

Orange dots in blue horizontal lines. The lines break, and dots fall through the cracks. Text, Disruption is at an all time high

Two orange dots move among four bar charts. Text, Improving Working Capital while partnering with your suppliers is paramount.

Text inside two hexagons, Supply Chain Finance,  Dynamic Discounting

The hexagons move next to each other.

Several cube-like shapes form a background around the hexagons.

Text, It's innovative. It's flexible. It's easy to use.

and encourages sign up and adoption to  meet your needs.

Scale rapidly and engage your entire supplier base 

Maintain control

Onboard suppliers quickly and easily 

Sustain your Supply Chain health  

A magnifying glass moves over a calendar. Text, Enhanced payment predictability and transparency

Two lines on a graphh. Text, Competitive rates 

A bar chart. Text, Improved working capital

A gear turns with a dollar sign. Text, No supplier setup costs

Supply Chain Finance,  Dynamic Discounting. State-of-the-art digital payments platform used by suppliers in Latin America and across the globe

Backed by the strength and security of one of the world's most trusted banks 

Welcome to the Digital Future of Trade 

J.P. Morgan

Neither this video nor any of its contents may be used for any other purpose without the prior written consent of J.P. Morgan. J.P. Morgan makes no representations as to the legal, regulatory, tax or accounting implications of the matters referred to in this video. Notwithstanding anything in this video to the contrary, the statements in this presentation are not intended to be legally binding. Any products, services, terms or other matters described (other than in respect of confidentiality) are subject to the terms of separate legally documentation and/or are subject to change without notice. Neither J.P. Morgan or any of its directors, officers, employees or agents shall incur any responsibility or liability whatsoever to the company or any other party in respect of the contents or matters referred to in, or discussed as a result of, this video. J.P. Morgan is a marketing name for the global trade business of J.P.Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. and its subsidiaries worldwide. 2022 J.P. Morgan Chase & Company All rights reserved

Local fintech solutions and local expertise with industry experts to support you as you grow.


Designed with suppliers in mind

Experience the state-of-the-art digital payment solution already used by suppliers in Latin America.

Discover the program

Precisely tailored

Our comprehensive payment solution, built with customizable settings and smart working capital tools, allows buyers to effectively switch between supply chain finance and dynamic discounting as needs evolve and business grows.

Supply Chain Finance

Uniquely flexible by design

It’s simple to manage, easy to enroll, and scalable to all suppliers, regardless of size.

Learn more about our two payment options:

  • true

    Automatic Early Payments

    Payments on approved invoices will be processed immediately.

    Our most popular option, with 80-90% suppliers enrolled.

  • true

    Manual Early Payments

    Get notified when invoices are available for early payment.

    Option to accelerate early payments on select invoices of your choosing.

    Invoices not discounted will be paid in full at maturity.

Built for today

Innovating for your future.

Our Early Payment Program is uniquely positioned to help you scale quickly, supporting suppliers of all sizes across Americas.

Countries with SCF approved for Suppliers

Countries1  Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, USA, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese

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Countries with SCF approved for Suppliers