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Make It Happen, a Tech for Social Good program, inspires children’s digital learning. J.P. Morgan works alongside the charity to help students design and bring their unique app ideas to life.


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Make It Happen partnership supports young developers

| 3:26

Make It Happen partnership supports young developers

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Take of this.

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You got it. I never thought for a second of the innocent by a teacher. I always thought I would be in the classroom everyday, because there is no better feeling than being a teacher and working with pupils every day.

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You scooch over just a little bit. So you're right in the middle of the seat. Go the other.

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Way. Teaching them things that are new. Learning new things yourself and then make it happen came along and there's no better feeling to make it happen.

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Are you ready?

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Make it happen. Gives pupils the opportunity to go from those who like to use technology. To those that are starting to create technology. It's such a fantastic charity that, at its core, just once every child to have the opportunity to explore digital learning. So we have an app design competition where pupils get to design an app. We pick a winner and we build it and then we publish that.

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So is there anyone, anybody in the world can download and use that? Apps? We've had every kind of app you could possibly think of. We have apps that are going to help other people. So my app.

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Was a clock.

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Speaker 3

And this is my little sister, and she's been learning the time.

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Recently. And then we have a lot of pupils that focus on learning.

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I've designed an app where it teaches your French if you want to get better and better at your times tables, and you can just use this app to help you.

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We then have the really fun apps.

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It's a app.

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Speaker 3

Called Citigem Pimple.

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It looks like it's called Find My Rainbow. Yeah. Do you like rainbows? We have traveled all over and that's been made possible by JP Morgan. And it's a pretty good team sponsorship, which has allowed us to create lots of different opportunities for schools, whether it's that competition which we started with or make it happen, high project or workshops or thinking about all of the bespoke projects that we've created for schools to suit their needs as well.

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But we want something to do with rainbows. I'll get sent in to children that we work with. They're going to be our future. They're the people that are going to be the technologists to the world, the teachers of the world. They're going to be doing jobs that don't even exist yet. And they are the people that are going to be in charge of the world that we live in.

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Speaker 1

I'm going to make it a better place for us all.

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Speaker 3

I think there's a really bright future of computing, and it's good to show children that, like, they can go on to do that when they're older.

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Speaker 4

That played a really big part in me pursuing it on to higher levels at the university.

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Speaker 5

Just being given these opportunities at such a young age, it does kind of open up like different possibilities and different pathways. Like I want to become a programmer for like thesaurus. So being given the opportunity kind of fueled my ambition.

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I guess the children that we work with every day, they are so inspired and everything that they come up with, the way that they look at things, gives us a new perspective. And that's what is going to change the way I do all this new perspective. And knowing that there's no boundary on what you can do, anything is possible.

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Our Tech for Social Good programs lift up communities around the world through the power of people and technology.


"I founded Make It Happen for developers to support these children to become digital creators who can harness technology and create their own amazing future."

Technologists of the future

We know technological literacy is a crucial part of children’s development. Our Make It Happen partnership supports future developers and helps drive digital learning that solves real-world challenges.

Make It Happen programs

Our sponsorship focuses on a yearly app development competition. Students draw their “dream app,” then J.P. Morgan tech center volunteers judge and create each school’s winning idea.





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