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Effective May 2022: Updates to AFP Billing Codes

Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) billing codes are standard industry identifiers to provide you an efficient method to identify & reconcile service charges across service providers.

MAY 2022: AFP billing codes will be updated to the current standards and will be reflected in your landscape paper and electronic billing statements beginning in May.

Effective December 1, 2021: New Service Codes for Treasury Credit Volumes 

Commercial and Treasury credit volumes are now billed separately, effective in your December 2021 billing statements.

Five new service codes are now being used for Treasury credit volumes for wire receipts/credits from financial institutions or banks. The current codes will be used for Commercial credit volume only.

Please share this information with your technical teams to determine if updates are needed to your reconciliation or reporting processes.


Commercial credit activity

(Current CAP Service Codes)
Treasury credit activity

(New CAP Service Codes)


Book Credit


Treasury Book Credit


Fed Credit S/T


Treasury Fed Credit S/T


Fed Credit Repair


Treasury Fed Credit Repair


CHIPS Credit S/T


Treasury CHIPS Credit S/T


CHIPS Credit Repair


Treasury CHIPS Credit Repair

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