Healthcare Link overview

J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Link (HCL) provides convenient access to your incoming check and electronic payments and matches dollars to remittances. This HIPAA compliant industry specific tool reduces costs and identifies potential exceptions in commercial payments.



  • Increase Visibility

    Access your consolidated accounts receivables data and images from multiple sources in a single portal.

  • Minimize Exceptions

    Streamline exception process and inquiry resolution with claim-level indexing and direct image access.

  • Improve Automation

    Reduce time and expense associated with manual payment posting by leveraging machine learning to transform paper to electronic documentation and match dollars to remittances.

Frequently asked questions

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • NOTE: Healthcare Link is not accessible through Safari and IE11.

  • Log in to J.P. Morgan Access® via this URL,
  • Once logged into Access, you can find Healthcare Link under the More Services page.

For any J.P. Morgan Access® specific setups or questions, click on Help within the J.P. Morgan Access® portal, navigate to Administration, then reference the various user guides. The entire user guide can be downloaded via the upper right corner by clicking on Download User Guide.

Any view can be exported by selecting Export on the top right of the screen(s). Output format will be an Excel spreadsheet.

The ACH Report is part of the Deposit Detail Report, within the Reports module.

Images will be retained for 10 years.

  • Screens are available based on Entitlements granted. If you believe you should be seeing a screen that cannot view, contact the entitlement manager in your organization.
  • An Enhanced User or a Treasury User can view the Dashboard. The specific widgets and graphs included in the dashboard and other screens available to users are contingent upon what screens the user has been granted entitlements to.
  • An Enhanced User can assign items to other users.
  • A Basic User can view work that is assigned.
  • A Restricted Patient User can access Patient Search screens only.

The file name and distribution date associated with the Returned ERA, can be viewed via the Outbound File Report.

The Lockbox details are included in the Deposit Detail Report, within the Reports module.

The Inbound Files (the files clients send to JPMC) are found within the Reports module. You can view all Inbound EOBs, PAS and BAI files at a glance to see what came in and when.

The Outbound Files are found within the Reports module. You can view all files that are “outbound” to verify that HCL has process the Inbound file and have reconciled payments and remittances.

Still have questions? Reach out to your Healthcare Link service manager.