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U.S. Fixed Income Research team ranked #1 for the 9th year in a row

Based on the views of 1,900 portfolio managers and buy-side analysts at almost 600 institutions that oversee $10.8 trillion in U.S. fixed-income assets, J.P. Morgan has been ranked #1 for the 9th year in the 2018 All-America Fixed Income Institutional Investor Research Survey.

In addition to retaining the #1 ranking, 52 of the Global Research teams earned top three positions, with 19 #1 rankings, 11 #2 rankings, 18 #3 rankings and four runners-up.

Teams Ranked #1
Fixed-Income Strategy Matthew Jozoff, Alex Roever & team
Investment-Grade Strategy Eric Beinstein & team
Federal Agency Debt Strategy John (Jay) Barry & team
Credit Derivatives Dominique Toublan & team
Currency/Foreign Exchange Paul Meggyesi & team
Consumer Asset-Backed Securities Strategy Amy Sze & team
Agency-Structured Products Strategy Brian Ye & team
Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Strategy/Agency Matthew Jozoff, Brian Ye & team
Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Strategy/Nonagency Kaustub Samant, John Sim & team
Short-Duration Strategy Teresa Ho, Alex Roever & team
Prepayments Strategy Brian Ye & team
Distressed Peter Acciavatti & team
High-Yield Strategy Peter Acciavatti & team
Leveraged Loans Strategy Peter Acciavatti & team
Transportation Mark Streeter
Electric Utilities Larry Liou
Retailing Carla Casella
Transportation Mark Streeter
Cable & Satellite Michael Pace
Teams Ranked #2
Municipals Strategy Peter DeGroot & team
Interest Rate Derivatives Joshua Younger & team
Quantitative Analysis Jason Hunter, John Sim & team
Autos & Auto Parts Jonathan Rau
Real Estate Investment Trusts Mark Streeter
Consumer Products Carla Casella
Electric Utilities Larry Liou
Energy Tarek Hamid
Building Arjun Chandar
Broadcasting & Publishing Avi Steiner
Services Yilma Abebe
Teams Ranked #3
Economics Michael Feroli, Bruce Kasman & team
U.S. Rates Strategy John (Jay) Barry, Alex Roever & team
Technical Analysis Jason Hunter & team
Banks Kabir Caprihan
Insurance Brett Gibson
Technology Brian Turner
Energy Matthew Anavy
Nonbank Financials Kabir Caprihan
Manufacturing Virginia Chambless
Telecommunications Services Brian Turner
Aerospace & Defense Virginia Chambless
Health Care David Common
Metals & Mining Arjun Chandar
Technology Thomas Egan
Telecommunications Services Thomas Egan
Manufacturing/General Industrials Yilma Abebe
Paper & Packaging Arjun Chandar
Food & Beverages Carla Casella
Health Care Brett Gibson
Media & Entertainment Brian Turner
Autos & Auto Parts Avi Steiner
Collateralized Loan Obligations Rishad Ahluwalia & team