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J.P. Morgan ChaseNet®

Discover simplified and predictable payment pricing you can count on

See how the benefits add up

Gain deeper insights

Take action on insights gained from combining acquiring and card issuing data

View all J.P. Morgan financial management solutions in one place with our integrated reporting system

Control costs easily

Create full visibility over processing costs with transparent and predictable pricing

Unlock simplified pricing structure via a single rate  

Operate efficiently

Take advantage of a closed-loop system that combines our scale and payment expertise

Integrate easily, with no custom development required

How it works


Makes a purchase with a Chase-issued Visa credit or debit card

J.P. Morgan

Processes U.S. Chase-issued Visa credit and debit payment directly, instead of routing through Visa


Receive improved payment economics with transparent and predictable pricing

Get a single rate for U.S. Chase-issued Visa credit and debit card transactions, eliminating the need for
separate communications with the acquirer, payment network and card issuer1 .


One rate. All the savings.


Take advantage of our simplified pricing structure

The ChaseNet Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) is a single rate (% of volume and fees on transactions) that replaces the interchange, network fees and processing fees on transactions flowing through VisaNet. This rate is periodically adjusted based on increases / decreases to network-set rates and card mix over time. 

Compare the savings to the complex and frequently changing cost of VisaNet

Some variable costs of VisaNet are substituted by ChaseNet variable costs in the closed-loop system

Count on the #1 overall U.S. merchant acquirer2


Merchant processing

volume in 20203



In total U.S. credit

card sales volume and



U.S. credit card Issuer

based on sales and



U.S. households do

business with Chase


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1. ChaseNet applies only to U.S. Chase-issued Visa debit and credit transactions
2. Nilson Report, Issue 1193, March 2021
3. JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2020 Annual Report