Risk as a Service

The power of J.P. Morgan’s proprietary quantitative analytics, derived market data and real-time risk management technology, seamlessly delivered to your desktop.

Risk as a Service

The power of J.P. Morgan’s proprietary quantitative analytics, derived market data and real-time risk management technology, seamlessly delivered to your desktop.

Risk as a Service provides access to J.P. Morgan’s quantitative models and market data, helping you make informed risk management decisions and trade with confidence. Powered by analytics and technology built for and used by our market-leading trading desks, Risk as a Service is the culmination of decades of investment by our Markets business.

This powerful, yet easy-to-use toolkit supports sophisticated quantitative analysis of your portfolios and real-time monitoring of your risk profile and P&L drivers. Risk as a Service is a fully hosted and managed solution, ensuring ease of adoption and cost-efficiency.

Core features

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Asset coverage

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Risk as a Service

Providing clients with J.P. Morgan’s comprehensive and cost-effective risk management capabilities.

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Risk as a

Providing clients with J.P. Morgan’s comprehensive and cost-effective risk management capabilities.

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Text on screen:
 J.P. Morgan - Risk as Service.

The power of J.P. Morgan's market-leading quantitative analytics and real-time risk-management technology, delivered seamlessly to your desktop.

A computer screen displays a dashboard showing data regarding:

  • Profit and Loss Activity;
  • Headline Risk;
  • Risk Detail;
  • (and) more.

Leverage J.P. Morgan's intraday and end of day pricing marks, proprietary discount curves and volatility surface construction algorithms.

The computer displays a screen, reading "Headline Risk" - with detailed data in columns marked:

  • Linear;
  • Analytics;
  • (and) Non-Linear.

On the screen, a tile labeled "Risk Detail" shows a chart labeled "IR01 & IR Gamma."

And access the same multi-asset risk and Profit and Loss analytics used by our own traders and risk officers.

The computer screen displays detailed financial information. A tile labeled "Headline Risk" shows tabs marked:

  • Delta/Gamma;
  • Vega;
  • PnL;
  • (and) Rho.

A tile labeled "Risk Detail" shows tabs marked:

  • All Greeks;
  • Spot;
  • Volatility;
  • Volatility Surface;
  • Time;
  • (and) Exotics.

Monitor your risk profile and Profit & Loss drivers in real-time using sophisticated quantitative analysis. The screen displays a line graph labeled "Profit & Loss Details." The graph shows:

  • Total PnL This Period;
  • (and) Spot PnL This Period.

Access analytics through a comprehensive web interface or programmatically via well-defined RESTful APIs. The computer screen displays detailed financial data, in columns marked:

  • pair;
  • bump;
  • spot;
  • scaled Delta;
  • scaled Gamma;
  • and theta.

The screen displays detailed information in response to the typed query: "How does theta evolve over time under different EUR slash JPY spot rate scenarios?"

Fully hosted and delivered "as a service," providing a cost-effective alternative to in-house or third-party technology installations. Our dedicated global support team provides white-glove client service from onboarding through to "day-to-day" use.

Now, a short montage shows a support team specialist reviewing data on multiple computer monitors, as she speaks on the telephone with a client. In a large J.P. Morgan building, office lights remain on, as night falls.

J.P. Morgan - Risk as Service. Trade, invest, and manage risk - with confidence. Learn more:

Logo: J.P. Morgan.

Tailored to your needs

Leverage extensive exotic instrument coverage, comprehensive derived market data across developed and emerging markets, sophisticated real-time risk analytics, and scenario analysis to gain a trading edge

Employ proven analytics to enhance risk management workflows as your operations expand into new markets and regions

View and manage risk and performance for cash and derivative instruments across portfolios and strategies with a scalable, integrated platform

Deliver client advice with confidence, based on accurate real-time risk and performance analytics for clients’ trading strategies

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