Data analysis and visualization tool to unlock investment insights


Data analysis and visualization tool to unlock investment insights

Analyze a rich universe of financial data, market data and proprietary J.P. Morgan content with DataQuery. The application offers an extensive history and broad asset coverage, including unique datasets developed and leveraged by our own global research and trading franchises.

Create, interrogate and share custom queries, market behaviors and trade strategies using DataQuery's dynamic web interface. The tool’s suite of integrated analytics tools enable you to easily construct, visualize, validate and share your investment analysis.

Let DataQuery support you at every stage of your data journey.


Historical time series


Data sources


Datasets through a single point of access


Access cross-asset data from J.P. Morgan and selected third parties


Optimize how you use and extract data with flexible channel connectivity

Features and capabilities

Features and solutions to help you extract maximum value from your data

Data Analysis

Advanced analytics capabilities and data visualization to help you validate your trade ideas. Built-in functionality enables you to transform data and choose from multiple data visualizations, including XY charts, cycle charts, and bubble charts.

computer screen showing data information

Data Dashboards

Data visualization and collaboration capabilities that enable you to enhance your analysis and convey your market perspective. Dynamically view and interrogate custom queries, market behaviors, and trade ideas.

computer screen showing data information

Data Insights

A unique opportunity to interrogate data studies created by J.P. Morgan.

computer screen showing data information

Market Monitor

A unique opportunity to interrogate data studies created by J.P. Morgan.

computer screen showing data information

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