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Capital Advisory EDGE is a digitized capital introduction platform designed to intelligently align the capital formation needs of managers with global access to allocators, direct investment opportunities, analytics, exclusive content, and more. EDGE will serve as an end-to-end ecosystem that will elevate the quality of engagements and increase workflow efficiency.

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Unpacked: Development Finance

Learn how development finance plays an important role in funding sustainable projects, like clean water, in emerging markets, and why there’s a push for private institutions to play a more active role in having an impact.


TITLE: Capital Advisory Edge


Paul Zummo: I'm really excited about the launch of Capital Advisory Edge because of the breadth of data that it contains and ultimately because of the time savings that it allows me as an allocator.

Claudia Jury: Historically, the Capital Advisory Group was an extension of the prime services business. What we're seeing now is large institutional clients more often coming to us and asking for their services.

Mike Monforth: We're simply digitizing the capital introduction business process. It's going to give us an opportunity to provide a platform for clients where they could benefit from increased scale, cost savings, efficiency, and ideally, better value from J.P. Morgan. We took a different approach, and before we wrote one line of code, we interviewed over 120 clients to really understand what they're trying to achieve.

Claudia Jury: What this gives is more efficiency in the way we think about our clients and the interactions and the introductions that we can make. Capital Advisory Edge for me, ultimately, is an ecosystem, a destination, and becomes somebody's daily routine.

Paul Zummo: Having one source that has a consolidated view and reliable view of the best information possible is obviously extremely important. There's 8,000 hedge funds, so how do you actually sort that? You need a process, and you need the data and the tools to be able to do that effectively.

Amy Flikerski: We're also looking to partners like J.P. Morgan who can provide that cutting-edge industry data. Everybody, every industry, and ours included, of course, is relying more and more on data. Peer group and benchmarking is really critical. We're looking at managers across global markets, all types of strategies.

Matthew Wade: We spend a lot of time trying to understand where interest is, there’s understanding investor flows. Industry developments is very, very important and enables us to understand and position ourselves.

Mike Monforth: It gives us the ability to really advise our clients where the supply and demand of capital really exists. Where to price, what geographies they should be considering, and is the timing right? Hedge fund industry news is critical to our due diligence process. Everything from new launches to movement of personnel across different hedge funds, as well as the trends that exist in hedge funds.

Jonathan Cossey: EDGE is going to become integral in me gathering information. Information is data. Data is power. We’re investing in Capital Advisory Edge to further enhance the user experience of both our hedge fund and allocator community.

Claudia Jury: Number one, it’s scale. So it gives us the opportunity to grow the number of managers and allocators that we reach every day. Number two, it allows for some self-service.

Mike Monforth: I’m really excited about Capital Advisory Edge. The evolution of Capital Advisory Edge will really be aligned to how our clients evolve, and the onus is on us to really understand the clients, their objectives, and their needs. That’s it? OK. Thank you guys.




Informed search with performance across approved jurisdictions


Peer analysis, benchmarking, and engagement insights


Exclusive industry-leading content and trending strategies


Centralized dashboards to simplify introductions and workflows

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