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AXIAN Telecom

AXIAN Telecom is a leading provider of telecommunications, providing mobile phone services and digital infrastructure, operating across Africa. In February 2022, J.P. Morgan acted as Joint Global Coordinator and Development Finance Structuring Agent for Axian Telecom’s $420mm 5-year debut bond offering.



Reopening markets in Africa

The bond offering was the first issuance out of Africa in 2022 and has helped to re-open the market from the continent. The bond was supported by anchor orders from four development finance institutions:

A model for sustainable 

As Development Finance Structuring Agent, J.P. Morgan DFI helped AXIAN Telecom to communicate the issuer’s intentions to achieve development impact in the countries where it operates over the tenor of the bond in its offering memorandum and investor presentation.

AXIAN Telecom has committed to reporting on its development outputs annually. This robust and transparent approach is a model for launching and tracking sustainability initiatives and measuring the impact of the company’s overall growth strategy. 

The anticipated development outputs cover areas that are vital for the development of the targeted African countries and include:



AXIAN Telecom published its Development Impact Assessment has committed to reporting on its development outputs annually. This robust and transparent approach is a model for launching and tracking sustainability initiatives and helps to increase transparency around AXIAN’s overall strategy and contribution to development gaps in the countries where it operates.

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