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MiFID II: Top Ten Client Questions and How We Can Help

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On January 3, 2018, the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and the Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (better known collectively as MiFID II), will be in effect in the European Economic Area (EEA) and will transform how markets operate. MiFID II aims to create fairer, safer and more efficient markets, greater transparency, and stronger investor protection, and will have implications for market participants both inside and outside of the EEA.

Here’s what we get asked most frequently by topic and how we can help.






Created with Sketch. 1 How will my use of J.P. Morgan's research services be impacted? +
Created with Sketch. 2 Do I need to do anything to maintain access to J.P. Morgan's research? +
Trading Transparency & Market Structure
Created with Sketch. 3 What is a Systematic Internaliser (SI)? +
Created with Sketch. 4 Will J.P. Morgan be an SI? +
Created with Sketch. 5 How will MiFID II impact the reporting J.P. Morgan provides to me? +
Created with Sketch. 6 Are there any more detailed implications by asset class? +
Custody & Fund Services
Created with Sketch. 7 I am a client of J.P. Morgan’s Custody & Fund services – does MiFID II impact me? +
Impact Outside of European Economic Area (EEA)
Created with Sketch. 8 I am not based in EEA, will MiFID II impact me? +
Documentation & Reference Data
Created with Sketch. 9 Will my contractual terms with J.P. Morgan change and do I need to do anything? +
Created with Sketch. 10 Do I need a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)? +
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As always, we are committed to making the transition to and after MiFID II as smooth as possible for our clients. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your J.P. Morgan representative or click here to email. For our full MiFID disclosures please click here. Further global disclosures are available here.

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