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Warm music plays.

On screen:

As this video begins Malcolm Johnson, a Black man with bald head and a gray suit walks through an open park. Malcolm speaks (off-screen) as A montage shows him walking past Langdon Park School and standing in front of the Langdon Park East Recreation Center.

Malcolm Johnson: 

Langdon Park Capital proudly bears the name of the neighborhood that raised me: Langdon Park in Northeast DC. Every day of my life, between age 9 and age 15, two hours was spent at Langdon Park Rec Center to help raise me and my younger brothers and so many young men and women just like me. And when I thought of what Langdon Park Capital's mission was, it was exactly that: providing opportunity for families to thrive and live the American Dream.

On screen:

Photographs show Malcolm as a young man with his family. A present-day video clip shows a smiling Malcolm standing outside of his childhood home. Then, wearing a business suit, he speaks to us from his office.

Text on screen:
Malcolm Johnson, CEO and Founder, Langdon Park Capital.

Malcolm Johnson: 

We are a real estate investment management firm based in Los Angeles, California. We own and operate workforce housing in both California and the Mid-Atlantic region with a specific focus around the Black and Latino communities.

On screen:

A montage shows the Langdon Park Capital building, where Malcolm meets with his team in a conference room. Aerial views show Langdon Park Capital properties in residential neighborhoods of California and the Washington D.C. area. Malcolm stands with residents, a smiling family - two women and two little girls. 

Malcolm Johnson: 

Every one of our team members, from senior management down to our most junior associates, has cultural competency in the communities where we live, where we work, the backgrounds that we all have.

On screen:

Malcolm and his team:
 - meet in the office of a Leasing Center;
 - tour the grounds of a Langdon Park Capital property;
 - and speak with community members.

Malcolm Johnson: 

That's what brings the passion, the care, the love with which we treat these communities.

On screen:

A montage shows diverse, smiling community members.

Malcolm Johnson: 

You see beautiful greenery, you see pool areas, you see courtyards, you see bright colors. It's a place that you're proud to call home.

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Positive music plays.

On screen:

A montage shows Langdon Park Capital properties with their:
 - lawns;
 - palm trees;
 - outdoor swimming pools;
 - and open grounds.

Malcolm Johnson: 

One of the key elements of being a successful real estate investment management firm is finding opportunity in moments of distress. At the top of 2023, a banking crisis is what led us to actually increase the amount of exposure we had with JPMorgan Chase. Flight to quality, the bank's fortress balance sheet, and most importantly, the amazing team members at JPMorgan Chase who responded quickly.

On screen:

Malcolm walks though Langdon Park Capital's headquarters with a business professional - a woman with long dark hair and hazel eyes. Then, that woman speaks to us from her office.

Text on screen:
Anila Ranmal, Treasury Management Officer, JPMorgan Chase.

Anila Ranmal: 

Initially, Langdon Park Capital reached out to open one bank account.

On screen:

At the  Langdon Park Capital headquarters, Malcolm and Anila discuss business on an outdoor balcony overlooking Los Angeles.

Anila Ranmal: 

But after some conversations and learning more about the solutions that we had to offer, we also manage their accounts payables, their accounts receivables, their cash management, and their liquidity strategies, and of course fraud prevention.

On screen:

Anila and a colleague walk through the airy Langdon Park Capital building, toward a conference room with wall sized windows.

Anila Ranmal: 

Next, we are focusing on continuing to bring over more of Langdon Park Capital accounts and hope to then further implement their digitizing rent payment solutions.

On screen:

Malcolm, his team, and Anila exchange ideas at an engaging conference meeting.

Malcolm Johnson: 

We have the best financial services company in the world managing all of our operating accounts. The next step for us is to grow those relationships and serve thousands more families of Black and Latino communities across this country.

On screen:

A sign reads: “Langdon Park at Fort Washington.
 - Fitness Center;
 - (and) Club Room.”

Anila Ranmal: 

And the end-goal for all of us is to work with the underserved communities and we’ll be starting a financial literacy program so we can help the tenants with financial success.

On screen:

A sign reads: “Community Center Open House. May 17, 2023. 5-7 pm. Mu sic, games, and giveaways. Welcome to all. Meals and Snacks, After School Programs - Free.” Photos show smiling children at the Open House. (Malcolm is there too!) A montage shows men and women attending an adult finance class.

Malcolm Johnson: 

In three short years, we've become one of the top 10 Black-owned real estate management firms in the country. That means we’ve already started to make the kind of impact that we’ve set out to do. The future is so much brighter and that's what I'm most proud of.

On screen:

This video concludes showing Langdon Park Capital's spacious, quality properties.

- J.P. Morgan;
 - Chase;
 - (and) the Chase octagon symbol.

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The market was rife with uncertainty in early 2023. But uncertainty can present opportunities.

“One of the key elements to being a successful real estate investment management firm is finding opportunity in moments of distress,” said Langdon Park Capital (LPC) founder and CEO Malcolm Johnson.

Johnson needed a reliable financial institution to handle his real estate investment management company’s treasury needs. “JPMorgan Chase was a natural answer to that call,” he said.

Leveraging a longstanding relationship

Prior to founding LPC in 2021, Johnson spent nine years as a banker at JPMorgan Chase. So he knew the firm could provide solutions. 


Our team can help you find the right solutions for your specific treasury needs.

Contact a banker


“I founded Langdon Park Capital not just to create strong, durable financial returns,” Johnson said. “But to create opportunities for the Black and Latino families who live, work and play in the communities where we own and operate properties.”

“One of our biggest missions at the outset was to be institutional so we can have the largest impact and to operate at scale,” he said. And that meant making the right connections.

Standing out from the competition

When Johnson reached out, there was a sense of urgency. “Johnson was looking for a bank to work with closely and also trust with his assets,” said Anila Ranmal, Treasury Management Officer  at JPMorgan Chase. “He wanted to make sure he made the right decision.”

Initially, LPC wanted to add one bank account. But the conversation went further.

“We discussed connectivity leveraging their ERP system with the bank system and managing their accounts payables and accounts receivables,” Ranmal said. The conversation extended to cash management and liquidity options, reporting needs and fraud prevention.

JPMorgan Chase stood out as a treasury management provider for several reasons:

  • Financial strength and security: JPMorgan Chase’s financial stability was one of the top factors in LPC’s decision. “The fortress balance sheet gave us and our investors every bit of confidence that we could and would be a fiduciary, and we could and would do the right thing for the people who lived in our communities,” Johnson said.
  • Extensive resources: “Our treasury needs are unique,” Johnson said. “We have thousands upon thousands of vendors that our property managers serve on a daily basis. We have multiple accounts in multiple states.” The firm offers commercial real estate­-specific tools and advanced treasury management technology to address those needs.
  • Dedicated team of industry experts: LPC has its own dedicated team of experts in commercial real estate treasury management that provides ongoing direct support. “The team responded quickly and with every bit of precision, which allowed us to—without missing a beat—continue to serve our clients, the families in our communities,” Johnson said.
  • Ability to meet ongoing treasury needs: The team can provide LPC with tools, solutions services to meet the organizations’ current treasury needs and grow in the future. “The breadth and the scope of JPMorgan Chase can meet each of our firm’s needs,” Johnson said.

Langdon Park Capital and JPMorgan Chase by the numbers


accounts with JPMorgan Chase


team members focused on LPC’s treasury needs


cash-management platform, Chase Connect®

Addressing current and future treasury needs

LPC and the treasury team immediately clicked. 

“As soon as we started working with them, the treasury team became family with the Langdon Park Capital team,” Ranmal said. “We have the same goals—and we’re focused on affordable housing and underserved communities.”

Now, the treasury team is helping LPC consolidate its banking relationships. “That way, we can vertically integrate visibility for their property management companies,” Ranmal said. From there, the team aims to further digitize LPC’s rent payment system.

And there are bigger plans ahead, including implementing financial literacy programs at LPC properties. 

“This is just the beginning,” Johnson said. “There are opportunities in every corner of JPMorgan Chase for us to continue to grow.”

The JPMorgan Chase treasury team helps solve each business’ unique needs, from liquidity management to real-time payment and API integration.


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