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Melancholic music plays.

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This video opens from the perspective of a person putting on a virtual reality headset. The headset shows multimedia images of historic and modern films and photographs. As an off-screen announcer speaks, archival footage shows angry white citizens protesting school desegregation in New Orleans in the early 1960s.


A huge part of the mission of this project goes well beyond real estate development.

On screen:

As civil rights advocate Leona Tate speaks to us (off-screen) a video clip shows her riding in the backseat of a car... looking out the window. Superimposed on the window are historic films of an irate white mob during the desegregation resistance.


It's here to educate those on the Civil Rights Movement of the New Orleans Public School desegregation.

On screen:

An old photograph shows federal marshalls escorting a young Leona Tate and her two little classmates out of their school building - as a crowd of white spectators gather.


We want people to certainly understand the history and how prominent 6-year-old girls were to the Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for equality.

On screen:

Black and white photographs show Tessie Prevost, Leona Tate, and Gail Etienne, as little girls.


We were introduced to racism here…

On screen:

A collage of images show:

 - newspaper headlines about desegregation;

 - little girls playing hopscotch;

 - (and) the inside of Leona Tate's old school, now a civil rights education center.

Leona Tate:

...And I want it to end here.

TEP Center.
Tate. Etienne. Prevost.
Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans.

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 - J.P. Morgan;
 - Chase;
 - (and) the Chase octagon symbol.

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Equal Housing Lender.

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Sometimes history is hiding in plain sight. That’s the case for the TEP Interpretive Center in New Orleans. The building began as McDonogh 19 Elementary School. In November 1960, 6-year-old Leona Tate was one of the first Black students to desegregate the school.

Decades later, the school closed, and the future of the building was unclear.

Alongside Alembic Community Development, Tate worked to get McDonogh 19 on the National Register of Historic Places. Together, they also preserved critical elements of the historic structure and obtained financing, including Historic Tax Credit equity from JPMorgan Chase. The result is an immersive, interactive group of exhibits that document Tate’s experience and the Civil Rights Movement in New Orleans. 

Take a 360-degree virtual tour of the TEP Interpretive Center.

Watch the full video

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