On screen:

A young woman in a red t-shirt speaks from a bright space with red accent walls.

I, like, hated, like, you know, interviews. I got pretty nervous. They made me become a better person. They helped me with, like, education, what to look for in colleges, and what to look for in jobs and stuff.

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Sentimental music plays.

On screen:

The woman wears a lab coat as she instructs younger girls at a long worktable. Then she poses with two others in red t-shirts. A montage shows school-aged girls playing at a park, building with magnetic tiles, controlling robotic cars, and doing chemistry experiments.

Next, a woman with red glasses speaks to us.

Text on screen:

Lea Rosenauer, President & CEO, Girls Inc. of San Antonio.

Lea Rosenauer:
It is my mission in life to let every girl know that she is strong, smart, and bold. It’s a passion and a job of a lifetime to be able to inspire girls to see beyond their backyard, to dream anything that they want to become, what they want to do, and we get to incubate all of those ideas and dreams at Girls Inc.

On screen:

The girls wear safety gloves as they add components to test tubes. More girls smile as they build with tiles and do other hands-on projects. Facilitators watch them read instructions and show them different bug specimens in enamel. A facilitator and a girl share a warm hug.

Lea Rosenauer:
We want to be in these girls' lives that we can model positive adult role model relationships with an adult that believes in them.

On screen:

An aerial view shows a large corner lot on a tree-lined neighborhood street.

Lea Rosenauer:
We knew in our community that we needed to expand and grow and amplify and scale this amazing opportunity. Girls Inc of San Antonio will be 20 years old in 2024. And we've never had a center.

On screen:

A digital rendering shows a long, modern 'Girls Inc.' building with red accents. A different angle shows its sprawling workspace.

Lea Rosenauer:
So what started as a $6 million campaign is now 8.5. And that’s kind of where New Market Tax Credits came to help close that gap.

On screen:

In Lea's office, an advisor in a navy blouse flips through a binder and talks with Lea.

Lea Rosenauer:
The team that helped us, they gave us great advice, they prepared me to advise the board of directors to vote to move forward.

On screen:

The advisor, a woman with long hair and brown eyes, speaks to us.

Text on screen:

'En Jung Kim, New Markets Tax Credit, JPMorgan Chase.'

En Jung Kim:
I fell in love with the mission of Girls Inc. As a small nonprofit organization, they’re really doing a ton of amazing work with minimal resources.

On screen:

In hard hats and reflective vests, Lea and En Jung visit the work site of the new building. They walk up stairs and check out the various spaces.

En Jung Kim:
And the fact that we could support their permanent home, their new home with their New Market Tax Credit financing was a really exciting opportunity for JPMorgan Chase.

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Mellow country music plays.

On screen:

The finished building features an airy courtyard. A red sign above an accessible modern entryway is flanked by intricate carved screens and reads: 'Girls Inc. of San Antonio.' A photo shows the board at a ribbon cutting event and the staff members waving in red t-shirts.

Next, a woman with dark hair speaks to us:

Text on screen:

'Janelle Alvarado, Program Facilitator, Girls Inc. of San Antonio.'

Janelle Alvarado:
I've seen such a big, huge change in our girls.

On screen:

Janelle works with girls in white lab coats. More girls wave, and do biology, robotics, and chemistry.

Janelle Alvarado:
It's not about the quantity; it’s about the quality of these girls. And we’re seeing it, like they’re ready to get into STEM, they’re ready to get into their leadership roles. But now that we have a place to call our home, I believe that it’s going to be so strong, and we have stability now.

On screen:

Girls work around tables in the spacious new building. A group excavates fossils from bits of clay and rock.

Janelle Alvarado:
We saw the need and we brought it to them.

On screen:

In the new building, children wear Girls Inc backpacks, and a door features a mural with app logos and ticker tape. A media room features a big screen TV, and another room has U-shaped bar-style seating.

Lea Rosenauer:
We have big dreams. And so, we want to make this the best space possible and then we want to grow.

On screen:

A room has the periodic table on the wall, while another features vented cooking stations. A lounge area has inspirational murals and mixed seating.

Lea Rosenauer:
Talent may be universal, but access and opportunity are not. And many, many girls have never been told they can be successful.

On screen:

A facilitator smiles with five Girls Inc. participants in front of a colorful mural of confident, diverse girls. One of the girls does a yoga pose.

Lea Rosenauer:
Being able to do that every day and to show girls that they are powerful... is an opportunity of a lifetime.

On screen:

Lea breaks into a wide smile and giggles.

Text on screen:

Girls Inc. of San Antonio. Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.


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Equal Housing Lender.

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For roughly 20 years, Girls Inc. of San Antonio didn’t have its own space. 

“We’ve sublet space from other nonprofits,” said Lea Rosenauer, President and CEO of Girls Inc. of San Antonio. “We borrowed space from churches. We’ve begged for space in schools, and we’ve never had a place to call our own.” 

That changed in December 2023 when the nonprofit cut the ribbon for its Girls Inc. campus.

But it was a long path to get there. 

Girls, Inc.’s mission

Girls Inc. of San Antonio’s official mission is “to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.” Ultimately, the nonprofit provides participants with positive female role models and helps them gain confidence and dream big.

Finding Girls Inc.’s first home

After 18 months of searching, Girls Inc. found the site for its headquarters. A friend of Rosenauer’s mentioned a church for sale. It was a great location—along a bus route in the San Antonio Independent School District, which serves most of Girls Inc.’s participants.

Despite no “for sale” sign, Rosenauer knocked on the door to ask about the property.

“I walked in, and I knew it was the place,” she said. Girls Inc. San Antonio closed on the property in March 2020. The nonprofit’s board voted to move forward with a $6 million fundraising campaign for the project. By early 2022, Girls Inc. met that goal.

A lot happened in those two years, including rising costs, labor shortages and shipping delays. As a result, that $6 million price tag rose to $8.5 million.


Our designated New Markets Tax Credit team is here to help project owners throughout the development process, including assessing eligibility. 

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Falling for Girls Inc.’s mission

“Girls Inc. had a gap in financing they were looking to fill,” said En Jung Kim, Director of New Markets Tax Credit for Community Development Banking at JPMorgan Chase. “And New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) equity is a really amazing tool for that.” 

One of the main things Kim and her team look at when evaluating NMTC-eligible projects is impact. “We’re looking at what the organization does, how they support low-income communities and who they ultimately service,” Kim said. “I fell in love with the mission of Girls Inc.” 

The organization’s work focuses on girls’ health and well-being, education and leadership development through various programs, including camps held during school breaks. Even in that short amount of time, the girls participating can come out of their shells.

“We’ve had girls who come in and are shy and timid and don’t want to do anything or talk to anybody,” said Janelle Alvarado, Program Facilitator at Girls Inc. of San Antonio. “Throughout that month—just that month alone—we do teambuilding activities and really engage with them. We get to know them, and we want them to know that we genuinely care.”


NMTC equity investment from JPMorgan Chase


Girls served annually upon project completion


Construction and nonprofit jobs created

Building on Girls Inc.’s work

With JPMorgan Chase’s NMTC equity investment, Girls Inc. began work on its new home.

That started with adapting the former church to serve the nonprofit’s needs. The Girls Inc. team moved into its offices in the redeveloped space in August 2022 while construction was underway for the rest of the campus.

In 2023, the nonprofit opened its new space, and its making the most of the 25,000-square-foot campus, which includes:

  • A scratch kitchen, where girls can learn about nutrition, cooking and culinary arts. 
  • A digital library of e-books with curated stories that are about girls and written by female authors.
  • A STEM-focused innovation lab, “a place where girls can get dirty and messy and break things apart and figure things out and fail. Then they can celebrate that failure and try again,” Rosenauer said.
  • An entrepreneurship and finance lab where girls can learn more about financial topics, including running a business, owning a house and making investments.
  • A teen center and art studio, which includes a selfie wall and other design elements requested by the girls in Girls Inc. of San Antonio’s programs.
  • A flexible, multipurpose space where girls can play inside, away from the Texas heat. “It’s not quite a gym,” Rosenauer said. “But pretty close.” 
  • A gathering place where the girls can eat meals or watch a movie. It can also be used for small group work or to host speakers.
  • Outdoor space, including a play area along with a traditional garden and a butterfly garden.

“We had all of these spaces intentionally built for the girls,” Rosenauer said. “The environment we want to create is welcoming and nonjudgmental. ‘Be who you are. We’re here to support you, and we will help you overcome any barrier to make your dream come true.’”

We’re here to help

JPMorgan Chase has been an NMTC equity investor since the program’s inception. Our designated NMTC team is here to help project owners throughout the development process, including assessing eligibility. 

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