This is Mia who works at a large bank and wants to improve the bank's payment processes. She has noticed that fraud is on the rise, and the bank is incurring increased costs due to payment returns, and clients are expecting cheaper, faster solutions. She has been doing research on how might they pre-validate account information before processing payments to help directly address these issues. Mia found Confirm, an application on the Liink network that allows her to pre-validate certain account information directly with another participating bank in near real-time.

She shares the application with her colleagues and they agree this has the potential to directly address their operational costs. They decide to onboard their institution to the Liink network and start with pre-validating first-time beneficiaries and high-value wire transfers.

This is Alex, who also works at a large bank that has already joined the Confirm application and is responding to pre-validation requests. Last year, he had been looking for ways to monetize the bank's data and Confirm offered a simple solution. Alex could connect the bank's data to the network and begin responding on inquiries from other participants, earning revenues for responses. He has noticed a lot of new volume on the network, which doubled earnings from Confirm this month. It turns out, that volume has come from Mia's bank, which has made its first batch of first-time beneficiary requests.

Alex's response helped Mia learn a handful of payments contained incorrect account numbers. Mia and her colleagues are delighted. Confirm immediately helped them identify the incorrect beneficiary details. They feel more confident that their bank will be able to directly address their payment challenges. While Alex is satisfied his net new revenues continue to grow.


Frustrated with payment processing rejections? 

Payment processing rejections can lead to a heightened risk of fraud, increased costs from payment returns and poor customer experience due to delays in processing payments.

Introducing Confirm: A secure application to pre-validate customer account information.

Institutions can inquire about validation of an account prior to initiating payment, respond to inquiries for account owner and status, or participate as both an inquirer and a responder.

For inquirers

Improve Payment Processing Efficiency: Reduce the occurrence of payment returns due to incorrect payment information. Decrease operating costs and improve straight-through processing rates.

Prevent Fraud Attempts: Mitigate fraudulent activity by pre-validating account information so participants know beforehand if the instructed beneficiary matches the owner of the account they are paying.

For responders

Monetize Your Data: Securely monetize data assets by responding to information inquiries from institutions. Create new revenue streams for your organization while improving the payment process for consumers and businesses – all on a secure, permissioned blockchain network.


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