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Key takeaways

  • With the rise in digital commerce, customer expectations now demand greater convenience, security and new ways to pay.
  • J.P. Morgan and Visa have strengthened the integrity of digital payments with an innovative approach: network tokenization.
  • Network tokens help drive higher approval rates, mitigate fraud and optimize card-not-present experiences.


In May 2023, the Census Bureau found that online sales in the U.S. had topped $1 trillion. In just two years, the estimated amount of remote payments transacted is expected to reach more than $5.6 trillion.1

The downside? Card-not-present fraud is forecasted to rise to $54 billion by 2028.2

Merchants must find ways to deliver personalized and smooth shopping experiences, while protecting data, money, customer relationships and their brand.

Together, J.P. Morgan and Visa are strengthening the integrity of global payments. Now in our latest white paper, we help demystify network tokenization, an innovative approach to securing digital commerce. Discover a roadmap that helps you create a world-class digital commerce experience, and take advantage of the new possibilities for simpler, safer and more reliable digital shopping experiences with network tokens.

See how network tokenization is making an impact

Potential benefits for your business

Mitigate fraud

Get peace of mind by eliminating the handling and storing of customer payment data and help reduce exposure in the event of a data breach.

Help increase sales

Enhanced security and strengthened credentials result in you receiving more data, so you can trust and approve transactions.

Long-term efficiency

Minimize complexity and reduce costs as tokenization services handle managing evolving tokenization specifications and requirements.

Streamlined customer experiences

Eliminate the need for customers to update their account when cards are reissued, lost or stolen with automatic updates of stored credentials.


“Having processed the majority of card-not-present transactions in the U.S. last year, we have a unique perspective on the complexities faced by merchants when trying to streamline and secure their checkouts and payment processing. Network tokenization empowers merchants to better deliver modern payment solutions that meet the increased expectations that come from the digital commerce age.” 


Chaklb Bouda

Head of Token ID, Visa

Ayman Hammad

Head of Value Added Services, Merchant Services, J.P. Morgan

Mark Nelson

SVP, Applications and Services, Visa

Brian O’Connor

Head of Embedded Finance & Hosted Services, J.P. Morgan

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Visa Risk Datamart, Global, FY22 Q1–Q4 Token Fraud Rate vs PAN Fraud Rate by PV for merchants with over 1,000 CNP token transactions per month per country. Merchant’s individual results may vary. 


VisaNet Oct–Dec 2022. Visa credit and debit card-not-present transactions for tokenized vs non-tokenized credentials in the NA region. Auth rate is defined as approved authorizations divided by total authorization attempts based upon first attempt of a unique transaction.

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