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Key takeaways

  • HONK aimed to streamline digital payment acceptance and collection for parking by replacing physical hardware with easy-to-use payment software.
  • Chase and J.P. Morgan’s embedded banking and end-to-end e-commerce solution ensures that all payment methods are uniformly accepted through HONK’s platform.
  • As a result, customer satisfaction has increased, operators see decreased capital expenditure and operating costs, and HONK has created an additional revenue stream from payment processing.


HONK is a North American provider of unattended payment solutions for parking and mobility. Since 2013, HONK has been developing vertically integrated software solutions that make paying for parking simpler and faster for drivers while making parking operations more efficient and profitable for real estate owners. HONK is used by millions of drivers at more than 10,000 locations across the United States and Canada.

Faster, more convenient payments.
Today, they're what customers demand.
Enter HONK, a leading unattended
payments platform specializing in
parking and mobility.
HONK wanted to streamline their 
payments process and improve
their user and client experience,
so they turned to J.P. Morgan,
a trusted innovator in payments. 
By integrating J.P. Morgan's end-to-end
e-commerce solution into their platform, 
HONK fueled big changes in how  
parking payments are made. 
Now when drivers use HONK,
including HONKTap
a revolutionary contact-free 
app-less payment solution--in cities,
colleges and universities, sports venues,
and parking garages across North America,
drivers pay quickly and 
easily--with just a click,
And parking lot owners increase
revenue by giving customers a more
streamlined payment experience,
save money by eliminating the
cost of expensive hardware,
and ensure payments are secure.
HONK. Because the world demands faster,
safer, simpler ways to
get where they're going.
Now, how can J.P. Morgan help you 
take the next step in your journey?
We're transforming the future of payments
to empower your business to thrive.

HONK Streamlines Payments with Embedded Payments

The challenge

For too long, mobile payment for parking was all over the map. Different parking operators accepted different payment methods and virtual payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay were generally not among them. Paying by phone required the cumbersome steps of downloading an app, registering an account, and manually entering card details, which often had to be re-entered at each parking location. On the other side, operators needed standardized payment acceptance, guaranteed next-day deposits, and branding on cardholders’ statements.

With mobile payments tied to apps that could not address the needs of all drivers, adoption of mobile parking payments was plateauing. Since physical payment terminals were considered more convenient, hardware was still responsible for the majority of parking payment volume. This led to increased operating costs, higher capital expenditures and slower processing times for parking operators.

“We wanted to offer drivers the convenience of paying for parking with a single tap of their phone, and parking operators the benefits of quick and secure payment processing without the costs and maintenance of physical terminals.”

The solution

HONK set out to challenge the status quo and streamline digital payment acceptance by replacing physical hardware with easy-to-use payment software. HONK invented the parking industry’s first app-free, guest checkout solution – HonkTAP – where parkers could pay with a single tap of their phone. When parking operators can simultaneously offer drivers a quick and easy way to pay for parking on their phone, while cutting down on capital and operating costs incurred by traditional physical terminals, everyone in the parking ecosystem leaves happy.

HONK turned to Chase and J.P. Morgan’s embedded payments solutions to further transform its payment process. HONK can now offer parking operators their own merchant account that accepts payments from virtual wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as payments via Interac, Canada’s first electronic payment network1. The integration of this end-to-end e-commerce solution with the HONK platform ensures all payment methods are uniformly accepted through one token vault, regardless of where users park or how they pay.

All payment pieces are now contained in a user-friendly solution that gives operators complete control over payment acceptance and speeds up cash flow to a next-day settlement cycle. Each merchant account includes the operator’s branding on cardholder statements, daily deposits, and the ability to accept all digital forms of payment.

“With Chase and J.P. Morgan, HONK has streamlined its platform back-end to give parking operators a unique and integrated full-stack payment acceptance solution.”

The results

Now that Chase and J.P. Morgan’s e-commerce solution is incorporated into the HONK platform, parking operators are enjoying many direct benefits, such as:


  • Improved user and client experience

  • Enhanced payment acceptance capabilities

  • Quick secure payment processing

  • Lower capital expenditure and operating costs

There are valuable rewards for HONK as well, including:


  • Additional revenue stream from payment processing

  • Larger potential operator market from direct settlement and daily deposits

  • Reduced overall maintenance cost by consolidating software payment integrations

  • Many more satisfied customers

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