Mobility is really offering the best connected services in transportation. Moving around the city, outside the city, it will be all interconnected

Matteo, great to be with you. Did you think you were going to be driven by an Englishman around the streets of Milan?

That was probably not exactly what I thought about us, but it's going to be interesting.

The reason why we're here together, is I think we share a vision that the relationship with end customers is changing. We've got to help them not just think about their customers at home, but also on the go. And to do that, we need to be in mobility.

Exactly. What you do when you are on the move, mobility can be expanded to all this type of everyday services. So Mooney is a fintech. We offer payment and banking services to both consumer and businesses.

We have to help them digitalize their operations in order to then offer that enhanced customer experience. It's not just enough to design a very nice app if then when you click on it, there is no service behind that works. Proximity, that's the key word for us. To be closer to everyone.

Yeah, I mean, that makes a lot of sense. You've got to have a sense of where your customer is. And almost anticipate a little bit what they want to do next. We're here. We found a spot, we found a ChargePoint. Talk me through how this works.

So I just opened the app. In the map, we can select this station. I activate it. We pay, and we [INAUDIBLE] up the [? car. ?] And what else we can do here in Milan, we are the Grand Station. We can buy a train ticket to Rome, one tap away.

So we can do this in Rome, in Venice, in every city. Amazing. What does the future look like?

So for me, the future is really enabling what we call smart cities. It will be all interconnected. It's all about the consumer, the North Star is, be the leader in one thing, and be recognized for that by the market.

J.P. Morgan Mobility Payment Solutions is really a chance to partner with our clients on their vision towards a better, deeper relationship with their customers on the move.

Driving towards a future of smarter, interconnected cities

  • Enel X’s Mooney is a fintech, offering payment and banking services to both consumer and businesses. The company, complementary to Enel Group’s new industrial vision, sees digital payments being increasingly utilized on power bills as well as on advanced, ‘beyond commodity’ services, such as electric mobility.
  • Connected cars have become a major area of exploration for many industries – from manufacturers and software providers to enable connectivity through to ancillary industries like insurance providers and retailers whose interactions with consumers relies on the car. Not a surprise as the connected car market is said to hit $166B, with in-vehicle payments volume of $86B by 2025
  • Just like a well-built car, we’re excited to bring mobility solutions that are scalable and built to last.

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Tristan Attenborough, Global Industry Head of Energy, Power, Renewables, and Metals & Mining, J.P. Morgan

Tristan Attenborough is Managing Director and Global Industry Head of Energy, Power, Renewables, and Metals & Mining. Tristan joined J.P. Morgan in 1997 and has held numerous leadership roles across the firm in credit risk, client relationship, product and country management.

Prior to his current role, Tristan was Head of Corporate Sales for J.P. Morgan’s Wholesale Payments (WP) business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Previous to this role Tristan was Head of Client Service and Implementation for TS EMEA where he was responsible for meeting the proactive day-to-day service needs of clients and the end-to-end implementation of new business transactions.  During his career with the firm, he has held positions in the US and Asia Pacific across investment fund credit, foreign exchange and derivative client management and strategic technology investment. This included the role of Country Head for Saudi Arabia based in Riyadh within the TS division.

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