Mobility is going to continue to evolve to develop solutions for consumers that never were possible before.

What does mobility mean to you?

Today's consumers are always on the go. And so we want to meet their needs as they're on the run. And part of that is contextual commerce. And meeting their needs in a very individualistic manner so that we're not advertising the shotgun approach.

We can give them the information or the suggestions for some of our products and services. For instance, today we're driving in the beautiful Mount Diablo State Park. If we see somebody's in this area, we can send them a message about getting granola bars or marshmallows and chocolate bars for s'mores or something like that.

You're using the information to provide a customized experience that would apply to the consumer.

Establishing that one-to-one relationship would be huge. So that is a big part of what I see as the future.

Now that we're at the Chevron station, can you show me how the mobile app works?

I open the app. I hit Fuel Up here at the bottom. Today, we're at pump 12. I select that. So I'm going to choose my Chase Card, and away we go. Simple as that.

How do you view the partnership between Chevron and J.P. Morgan?

There's a spirit of transparency and teamwork. We optimize the experience for the consumer by coming together and expressing ways that we can work better together. And it's always evolving and improving. And so it's been great, and we hope to continue it for many years to come.

So we're constantly working with our product team, and they are always looking forward and coming up with new and better ways that we can help all of our customers.

Connecting to consumers through digital means is going to continue to increase and make lives easier. And we're excited about it. We're excited to be a part of it.

Fueling progress

  • Today’s consumers are always on the go, and Chevron wants to meet their needs as they’re on the run… in part with contextual commerce.
  • In tandem with J.P. Morgan, Chevron aims to optimize the consumer experience, providing customized experience specific to their needs.
  • Just like a well-built car, we’re excited to bring mobility solutions that are scalable and built to last.

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Ann Baumgartner, Executive Director, Global Corporate Bank, J.P. Morgan

Ann Baumgartner is an Executive Director in the Global Corporate Bank on the J.P. Morgan Energy, Power, Renewables, Metals and Mining team. She has been with the bank over 25 years, with previous roles in Syndicated Loan Finance, the Special Credits/ Restructuring Group and the Loan Review team. Her first role was as an Assistant National Bank Examiner for the OCC.

Ann has a deep understanding of products and  longstanding  relationships with clients; particularly in the Energy sector.   She uses her global  internal network to provide new solutions and solve client problems. She  led the Say My Name team to implementation; she prioritizes meeting clients where they are at and using her wealth of knowledge and experience to mentor junior talent at JPMorgan.

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