JPM Athena - Move the World


How does JP Morgan help move the world for your customers? We process payments that are part of your customers' everyday life. In fact, we process over $1 trillion every year. So what does that look like? We're there when they buy groceries.


When they pay at the pump.


When they breeze through the turnstile.


When they order lunch.


When they stream their favorite show.


And when they splurge online--


--for a new friend.


Wherever your customers go--


--we're there to securely process their payments so you can grow your business. For more information, talk to your JP Morgan representative, or visit our website at JP Morgan-- let's keep moving forward.

Move the world for your customers

As a card issuer serving nearly 63 million U.S. households and a wholly owned acquirer and processor with global operations and regional expertise, we’re able to help you streamline your business operations, reduce cost, minimize risk and effectively grow your business.1

Industry leading

#1 merchant acquirer in U.S. and Europe2

Trusted globally

Largest merchant acquirer worldwide3

Your success depends on more than just accepting payments. That’s why we tailor each touch point of our partnership to give you a complete payments solution built for your long-term success and continued growth.



1. JPMorgan Chase 2019 Annual Report
2. (U.S.) The Nilson report, Issue 1171, March 2020, merchant acquiring based on purchase volume and Europe: The Nilson Report, Issue 1153, May 2019 based on e-commerce volume and number one bank based on U.S. transactions.
3. Based on all purchase transactions, The Nilson Report, Issue 1183, September 2020.