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J.P. Morgan has launched Real Time Visa Account Updater (VAU) for European merchants, eliminating the hassle of keeping customer payment information up to date. Previously only available in North America, Real Time VAU allows businesses to update customers’ expired, cancelled or changed stored card details - in real time – enhancing the opportunity for a frictionless customer journey.

Ding, the world’s leading1 mobile top-up service, was J.P. Morgan’s first European client to launch on the platform, citing the seamless integration and improved authorization rates as the key attraction. Micheál Egan, Head of Payments, Ding, was an early adopter of the product. “We have seen first-hand how Real Time VAU addresses our customers’ needs in the moment. It’s hugely important for us to ensure consistently high standards and a frictionless experience, especially given the recurring nature of our business. Automated top-ups are a growth area, and these ‘behind the scenes’ solutions will allow us to push the boundaries of what is possible”.

Card information updates can result from account closures, cards reported lost or stolen, expiration date changes, product upgrades, amongst others. Outdated credential-on-file information can lead to declined transaction and cardholder inconvenience — and ultimately introduce the risks of service cancellation and customer dissatisfaction.

When an update is required, this new feature replaces the payment request with the updated card details as the payment is being processed and appears as a single transaction.

Merchant benefits2

  • Increases authorization approvals
  • Reduces the likelihood of service cancellation
  • Simplifies credential-on-file transactions
  • Strengthens customer relationships and retention; helps increase sales
  • Reduces the costs associated with contacting cardholders to obtain updated information
  • Cuts customer service expenses by preventing interruption of payment relationship

Cardholder benefits

  • Offers a seamless account-update process, eliminating the need for direct action on the part of the cardholder
  • Facilitates uninterrupted service with participating merchants
  • Reduces negative experiences caused by declines

“Our collaboration with J.P. Morgan to bring Real Time VAU to Europe will bring huge benefits to merchants and cardholders,'' said Mehret Habteab, VP Digital Products, Europe at Visa. “This much-anticipated launch simplifies the transaction process and enables more frictionless digital payment experiences that are so crucial to cardholders. Replicating the success of our North American rollout, we are delighted to be working closely once again with the J.P. Morgan Payments team.”

Ding is confident of further success with the product. “Real Time VAU is an extension of the trusted relationship we have had with J.P. Morgan over the last 16 years, allowing us to grow globally and respond to the needs of our customers and business. Coupled with the security of the J.P. Morgan platform, these kind of innovations match our own ambitions and allow us to bring a best in class service to our customers.”

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