Product overview

Clients now have the opportunity to optimize liquidity in Saudi Arabia and connect their balances to global liquidity structures, thanks to the launch of J.P. Morgan’s Cross-Border Physical Cash Concentration.

  • automated consolidation

    Automated consolidation of cash from multiple accounts into a single account in London or Riyadh Branch.

  • increases visibility

    Increases visibility and connection of offshore liquidity structures in order to optimize global liquidity.

  • improves working capital

    Improves working capital by enabling companies to reduce idle balances and use internal cash more efficiently, improving deficit balances and eliminating overdraft fees.

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How it works:

Physical Cash Concentration – Cross Border Sweeping allows companies to automatically transfer and/or concentrate their balances held in one account to another account at a pre-determined intra-day time or end of day.

Automated process

J.P. Morgan in Saudi Arabia

J.P. Morgan has a committed and long-standing history of serving clients in the Middle East and North Africa region, and has more recently developed a range of Sharia-compliant products to address the needs of this growing market.

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Domestic liquidity solutions for the region

Diversification of the Saudi Arabian economy has required a rethink of treasury solutions.

Discover our cash management solutions to help support the next stage of The Kingdom’s future.

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