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Treasurers and agile mobile users have more on their plate than ever. Besides continuing to establish their role as an influencer within their organization, they must manage their core operations of liquidity management, which requires more scrutiny as payments occur at an accelerated rate. To do this, they need every tool at their disposal.

Enter the J.P. Morgan Access® mobile app, which is designed to help users more easily access our payments platform. At first glance, a mobile app may appear to be merely an extension of a desktop browser, but our mobile app’s features can help treasurers evolve alongside their environment. It can also help other relevant parties (e.g., real estate agents or delivery personnel) support liquidity management goals. The below infographic provides more context around why and how.

What Challenges Can A Mobile App Support?

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    Evolving liquidity needs: As the speed of payments accelerates, treasurers can easily access key information in order to make effective and efficient decisions.

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    Navigate uncertain times: Game-time decisions are increasingly critical in uncertain times, and mobile supports the ability to make these decisions in various ways.

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    Include more employees: Workers beyond treasurers can use the app to support liquidity management needs. For instance, truck drivers can more quickly unlock funds for treasurers to put to use.

Account Balances

View the amounts on your account and search for specific transactions.

Important because: Treasurers and other users can quickly view transactions and balances to make critical decisions, even when they’re away from their desks.



Check Deposit

Deposit checks on the go.1

Important because: Treasurers can more quickly deposit funds, which opens up the opportunity to more quickly put funds to use or allow them to earn interest.



Payment Approvals

Approve and release wire payments, book transfers and account transfers from the mobile app.

Important because: Treasurers and other users can more quickly make decisions at the tap of a button, such as moving funds around to better optimize their working capital needs.



Note that this feature is currently only available to U.S. Lockbox clients.

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