If your business depends on credit and debit card customers, you are probably concerned about your cost of payments processing. When you focus only on savings to drive your relationship with your acquiring bank or processor, however, you may be missing opportunities to build value with customers.

Step up with J.P. Morgan Merchant Services programs and services. With deep payments expertise and an annual processing volume of $1.6 trillion that includes more than 50% of all e-commerce transactions in the U.S.1, J.P. Morgan sets the standards for merchant services.

JPMorgan is more than acquirer. JPMorgan has the customer scale and reach and the platform to help you meet your growth goals. And on the consumer Chase side, we have relationships with about one out of two households in the United States. And we can marry the two up through our platforms on the payment side as well as our marketing platform and create a robust marketing program that's going to help you meet your growth goals.


A merchant's number one objective is growth and new customer acquisition. We are in the unique position as the issuer that we have relationships with millions of US consumers. And they represent about 55 million digitally-active consumers who are active on our digital properties and engage with us on a regular basis. And we could help put your brand and your offers in front of those consumers so that they are interacting with your brand and driving growth for you.


JPMorgan is uniquely advantaged because we are the acquirer as well as the card issuer. And that allows us to support our merchants in a very, very rich way. One of the ways we do that is through our consumer insights, another is through our closed loop network ChaseNet, and another is through marketing partnerships with our merchants and our consumer products. 

Six ways to get the most from your merchant services provider:

Worried you’re paying too much for privilege of accepting credit and debit cards? Multiple studies cite the cost of payments processing as a top merchant concern. As a rule, processing fees cover the costs of authorizing cards, some liability for fraud and the processing infrastructure.

It’s possible to reduce processing fees. One way is to use your card volume data to negotiate fee reductions with brand payments networks. A good merchant services partner will help you compile that data. Want to save more? Consider what you get with J.P. Morgan Merchant Services.

Two ways to spend less on payment processing

  • Insight-based recommendations
  • First, J.P. Morgan packages your data with insight and tools to monitor, benchmark and improve interchange fees. This can make the difference when you negotiate with networks and guide your point-of-sale activities

  • Simplified, discounted processing
  • Earn a single rate for all U.S. Chase-issued Visa credit and debit cards when you opt into the ChaseNet closed-loop payments platform, available only from J.P. Morgan for qualified merchants. Because Chase represents 99 million credit and debit cards2, processing through ChaseNet can drive substantial savings


While some merchants focus on savings, another common pain point is authorization rates. A good partner earns merchant confidence with authorization policies built on the classic tradeoffs between fraud risk and revenue capture.

J.P. Morgan helps you close the sale and get more share of wallet. The difference is programs and tools enriched with issuing-bank insight gleaned from Chase-cardholder spending behavior and psychographics. It works because about half of all U.S. households—some 63 million—do business with Chase3.

Two ways to earn more with customers

  • Optimized authorization rates
  • Earn more using a proven framework built on facts. Businesses using J.P. Morgan Merchant Services benefit from finely tuned authorization algorithms to identify fraud triggers and even actions that might result in chargebacks.

  • More share of wallet 
  • Build direct relationships with customers, gaining valuable insights into how they interact with your products and building brand loyalty. Boost engagement with customer-facing Chase Offers. Give customers reasons, including product launches and discounts, to buy more with their Chase-issued cards.


A good merchant services partner will offer actionable reporting with details on authorizations, denied credit and debit transactions, and channel mix, for example. With J.P. Morgan Merchant Services, you get access to insight derived across the entire payments value chain.

Two ways insight can help build business

  • Decision Support

Tap expertise to help inform your decisions and understand tradeoffs.

Merchants of all sizes can access insights to answer questions like these:

Where are my customers at the zip code level and how far do they live from my stores?

What are the key characteristics of my customers (age, income and gender)?

  • Actionable recommendation:

Specialized experts help you make sense of reports that combine point-of-sale acquiring data with issuer insight gleaned from Chase-issued card transactions. A destination restaurant chain, for example, turned to J.P. Morgan to find out whether its new stores drew sales away from existing stores. The analysis helped the chain fine-tune its expansion plans.


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