TITLE: Clean Tech Stars Conference


On screen: This video opens with an aerial view of London. At the European headquarters of J.P. Morgan, business professionals gather to attend a J.P. Morgan-sponsored event. Men and women network in a large lobby area. Attendees visit the registration booth and then enter the important Clean Tech Stars Conference. Then, a man with short brown hair and hazel eyes, James Janoskey.

Text on screen: James Janoskey, Global Co-Head Energy Group and Head of EMEA E.P.R.M. (Energy, Power, Renewables, Metals and Mining), J.P. Morgan.

James Janoskey: What do we mean by Clean Tech Stars? To us, these are the companies that are leading to find solutions and technologies that are required for the world to address our net-zero commitment by 2050.

On screen: A montage shows three executives participating in a panel discussion in front of an audience.

James Janoskey: That these companies are the ones that are purely focused on finding solutions through new technologies, new capabilities, new partnerships to address this challenge.

On screen: A man with brown hair and light blue eyes, Karl Atenburg.

Text on screen: Karl Atenburg, Vice Chairman, Plastic Energy, Ltd.

Karl Atenburg: To master the challenge and to get these companies to industrial scale and these clean tech solutions to an industrial operating efficiency, we need a lot of capital. So banks and capital markets are obviously crucial to help raise that capital.

On screen: At the Clean Tech Stars Conference Executives and CEOs speak with one another in a spacious company lobby. Then, Chuka Umunna.

Text on screen: Chuka Umunna, Head of EMEA ESG and Green Economy Investment Banking, J.P. Morgan.

Chuka Umunna: We've brought together 30 of the most exciting, most successful high-growth companies across the different green economy verticals who’ve raised around $7 billion in aggregate over the last few years.

On screen: A montage shows Mr. Umunna moderating a panel discussion of four executives to a full audience of engaged conference attendees.

Chuka Umunna: Our role here is very important here as a bank because they won’t be able to do what they need to do without raising the finance necessary and we’re committed to financing and facilitating $2.5 trillion to delivery against the UN’s sustainable development to 2030, with a trillion of that focused on the green economy.

On screen: A woman with brown eyes and long blonde hair, Sydney Locksley.

Text on screen: Sydney Locksley, Power and Renewables, J.P. Morgan.

Sydney Locksley: So, when we think about the importance of green and sustainable financing, not all financial instruments fall under this green label, but the rapid growth in green investing, such as in green bonds or in SLBs, demonstrates an appetite to shift capital towards clean investment.

On screen: A business professional speaks at the Clean Tech Stars Conference. He stands in front of a wall-sized projection reading: "A World Without Fossil Fuels."

Sydney Locksley: And with support for additional clean and sustainable investment, we can reorient cashflows towards clean investments and have this reciprocal benefit bode for investors as well as for the clean energy companies that require this intensive capital inflow to scale and grow the businesses.

On screen: At the conference, CEOs and Investors exchange ideas during a coffee break. Then, a man with salt-and-pepper hair and brown eyes, Alberto Piana.

Text on screen: Alberto Piana, Global Co-Head of Capital Goods and Co-Head of EMEA Diversified Industries and Coverage, J.P. Morgan.

Alberto Piana: This is not a slogan anymore. The carbonization net zero company really have to take action and they are taking action. And there’s a reality: all the company who’re here today with us are enabling the transformation to happen. So that’s why it’s so important that we identify company that would be the future leader in this transition towards the net zero and the carbonization economy.

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