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Make Payments Faster


faster payments with ACH vs. traditional paper check


less time paying and approving bills


earned on every processed virtual card transaction

Eliminate paper

Automatically digitize paper bills and invoices. Store all documents in a digital inbox1

Automate approvals

Route bills to one or multiple approvers. Use Dual Control to require two separate people to approve and initiate money movement.

Make payments with one click

Send one-time card numbers you control to vendors. Earn cash back on every processed virtual card transaction.

Boost payments

Easily send and receive ACH payments. Cashflow360 can print and mail checks on your behalf.

"We're using Cashflow360 for all of our payables. It's a scalable solution that can keep up with our growth in the future."

—Hansi Kiessner, General Manager, Packsize Now, LLC

"We are absolutely saving time and reducing errors. Cashflow360 flags potential errors—like if I forget to put in the vendor, amount or invoice number. So we love those controls."

—Angelo Macri, Chief Operating Officer, Kiton

"With Cashflow360, we've been able to drastically reduce all of the paper we use—we don't need to manually file anything."

—Janet Victor, Accounts Payable Coordinator of YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

Get Paid Quicker

Use real-time information to track payments through your own online portal.

  • Create and send invoices via email or US mail with one click
  • Find out exactly when payments will hit your account
  • Manage outstanding invoices in an individualized dashboard
  • Auto-send customizable reminders

Automate Reconciliation


hours per week saved in paperwork and manual reconciliation


fewer errors

3 benefits of accounting system sync

  1. Eliminate duplicate data entry
  2. Automatically sync Cashflow360 with your accounting system
  3. Save time and reduce errors



Chase Cashflow360 should not be used to store or transmit personally identifiable information or protected health information.

Data based on November 2017 survey of current Bill.com users and subsequent cost-benefit analysis performed by J.P. Morgan. Bill.com is not affiliated with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., “Chase” or its affiliates.

Chase Cashflow360 is a trademark of JPMorgan Chase, N.A.