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No matter where you are in the U.S., JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking is ready to serve your community’s public entities. We’re the only bank able to accept government deposits in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.


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What are government deposits?

Just like households and private businesses, government units need somewhere to keep their funds and manage their finances. Most states require or encourage banks to have a local branch presence to be eligible to receive or hold government deposits in the state, often described as a qualified public depository. 

In 2021, JPMorgan Chase became the first bank in U.S. history to have branches across the entire contiguous United States. That footprint allows Commercial Banking to bring a wide range of capabilities to states, counties, townships, municipalities, school districts and other local governments from coast to coast.

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What we do

We help publicly funded entities of all sizes manage their finances and run more efficiently so they can allocate resources to better serve their communities. We have a team of bankers dedicated to the sector, and we serve nearly 2,000 clients—from school districts to transit authorities to cities and counties across the country. 

We’re experts in these key areas

We can help you manage your revenues and upgrade your treasury capabilities. Our online platform scales to meet your needs and keeps all of your banking activities on a single digital dashboard. We put your finances at your fingertips. 

Whether you’re paying employees or vendors, we can help optimize your financial operations. Our government specialists can provide insights on everything from virtual cards to real-time payments. 

Need to build a new school, improve infrastructure or refinance existing debt? Our government lending team can assist with your financing needs. 

Government operations are complex, and they require integrated solutions. Our technology experts can help you evaluate options to meet the evolving needs of your constituents. 

Ransomware and other cyberattacks can have devastating effects on your organization. We provide expert guidance on cybersecurity issues and fraud prevention to help you build resiliency. 

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Building stronger inclusive communities

Businesses, government and community leaders can work together to help build more resilient communities. Here are some guiding principles that are making a positive difference.

People in a room listening to speaker

| 3:10

Building stronger inclusive communities

Businesses, government and community leaders can work together to help build more resilient communities. Here are some guiding principles that are making a positive difference.


J.P. Morgan.

On screen:

Skyscrapers in a metropolitan city, by a bay; acres of green farmland, stretching for miles; (and) a sandy shoreline with an amusement park in the distance.

Text on screen:

Mike Nevins.

Head of Government Banking, Middle Market Banking, and Specialized Industries.

J.P. Morgan.

Mike: We believe that business in collaboration with government and community leaders has a crucial role to play in building stronger, more resilient, and inclusive communities. We're proud to work with those that are committed to advancing racial equity and sharing our progress on the journey. 

On screen:

A Black woman, at a podium, speaks to a group of people in a Community Center.

A diverse group of young men and women collaborate on a project, working with printed documents, charts, and a tablet computer.

Business professionals, of different ages, work together in a conference room.


J.P. Morgan's government team hosted an insightful webinar about how different cities around the United States are building inclusive communities.

Text on screen:

J.P. Morgan - Building Inclusive Communities.

Mike: I'm honored to share the highlights of the event, which was hosted by JPMorgan Chase's Brian Lamb, then the Head of the Bank's Diversity & Inclusion. 

Text on screen:

Treat DE&I like a business.

On screen:

Now, a Black man with glasses, who keeps his head shaved, speaks to us from an office.

Text on screen:

Brian Lamb.

Former Head of DE&I,

J.P. Morgan. 

Brian: I always kind of share with folks that when you look at DE&I, and almost treat like a business. Activities are important. Initiatives and programs are clearly part of the ecosystem of work we need to do. 

On screen:

A diverse group of women review documents together in a conference room.

A White woman, at a podium, speaks to a group of people in a Community Center.

Text on screen:

Lead by example within your community.

On screen:

Now, a Black woman with short straight hair and ear rings speaks to us from her office.

Text on screen:

Dr. Deanna Kimbrel.

Chief Diversity Officer,

Monroe County, New York.

Dr. Deanna Kimbrel: How can we do this work in government and not consider the community? And the answer is, we cannot do that. We have to make sure that we are considering the community. 

On screen:

A group of volunteers work together: raising a wooden wall frame, building a home;  (and) restoring a community garden.

Dr. Deanna Kimbrel: 

And the community came to me and said, well, what are you guys doing for us? Because now you guys are the authority on the DE&I, as the government entity that has this position. You know, this office becomes the authority for Monroe County on what DE&I should look like, what best practices should look like. 

On screen:

An executive touring a factory; (and) people working at a large construction site.

Text on screen:

Foster a collective vision, identify opportunities and gaps.

On screen:

Now, a Black woman with pulled-back hair and glasses speaks to us.

Text on screen:

Dr. Amber Hewitt.

Chief Equity Officer,

Government of the District of Columbia.

Dr. Amber Hewitt: 

Can we bring folks along by starting with, okay, what do we mean by racial equity? We're bringing people along by having our racial equity training series. I mean, also having folks understand that, yes, it's about change, but we can also lift up best practices. How can we build upon the existing work that agencies are doing. 

On screen:

A diverse group of community leaders sit together, in a circle, exchanging ideas.Text on screen:Implement community programs that create access.

On screen:

Now, a White man with salt and pepper hair and brown eyes speaks to us from his office.

Text on screen:

Jose Cisneros.


City and County of San Francisco.


We launched a program, first of its kind bank, on San Francisco. We partnered with banks and credit unions. Overwhelming majority of them the in the city, they all agreed to offer low cost, affordable, appropriate starter accounts to unbanked folks. 

On screen:

A young couple moving into a new apartment; a man purchasing a car;  a man with a bicycle speaking on a mobile phone; (and) a woman at a café paying her tab with a smart card.


And we saw 10,000 folks move from being unbanked to banked just by hearing that message in the city's voice. We found a way to put one-on-one financial coaches into conversations with low income people to help them do things like pay down their debt, increase their savings, and ultimately improve their credit scores. So they had access to far more and better financial products than they ever had before. And their futures looked far better. 

On screen:

A real estate agent shows a family a house on a large piece of property.

A smiling young woman, going off to college, gives her dad a big hug.

Mike: It's inspiring to hear about how committed our government and community leaders are to making a positive difference and advancing solutions that will drive real, sustainable progress for generations to come. This conviction is also reflected in how JPMorgan Chase does business every day. Thank you for watching.





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We have more than 125 government banking professionals dedicated to working exclusively with our government clients as of October 2022. 


We raised $103 billion in credit and capital for nonprofit and U.S. government entities, including states, cities, hospitals and universities. 


We provide financial solutions to nearly 2,000 state and local governments in all 50 states.


 J.P. Morgan Access® is the top cash management portal in North America. Source: Greenwich Associates Digital Banking Benchmarking Study 2020.