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Treasury IgnitionSM by J.P. Morgan

As rapidly-growing companies scale their businesses, cash management becomes increasingly important and complex. Designed to simplify the process for NetSuite users, Treasury IgnitionSM offers a comprehensive set of J.P. Morgan capabilities that can integrate easily today and into the future.

Available through J.P. Morgan's plug-in with NetSuite, Treasury Ignition’s services are designed to scale as your business grows.

End-to-end working capital products are available today to support treasury and finance teams domestically and on a global basis, with new features being added to reflect our clients’ valued feedback. While currently available for NetSuite users, Treasury Ignition will expand to support additional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us here.

The J.P. Morgan NetSuite plug-in has significantly optimized our payment process, saving time and money. It was very easy to test and implement, with minimal IT involvement. SoFi

How Treasury Ignition can Help Your Business

Potential benefits

Minimal technical resources required to launch

Low cost, rapid implementation

Seamless connectivity from NetSuite to J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan’s safety and security integrated within your own environment

Early access to pilot new J.P. Morgan product innovation

Help to meet your company’s rapidly evolving treasury and finance needs

Engagement with a network of treasury services professionals

New opportunities to share information and collaborate on industry challenges

How Treasury Ignition Creates a Unified Experience for Your Cash Management Needs

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Side note:

Cheerful electronic music plays.

On screen:

Pop-up illustrations appear related to banking transactions, including currency, a calculator, a financial document, a receipt, a bank, credit cards, and a check.

Text on screen:

You deserve an enhanced treasury and banking experience.

On screen:

Illustrations appear of a laptop computer displaying the "NetSuite" logo and a desktop computer displaying the J.P. Morgan logo.

Text on screen:

To facilitate this transition…J.P. Morgan has created a NetSuite plugin.

On screen:

An infographic appears of an electric plug within a browser window.

Text on screen:

The plugin is:

  • Exclusive to J.P. Morgan clients.
  • Easy to install.
  • Updated with new J.P. Morgan products.

Simply select the bills you wish to pay…choose your payment method…and hit pay.

On screen:

An illustration of a computer screen appears, displaying the NetSuite dashboard. It shows the icon of the plugin labeled "JPM," a list of bills, their payment amounts, and different payment methods, including “ACH,” “Check,” and “Wire.” A cursor arrow clicks on a button labeled:
"Pay Bills" at the bottom of the screen. A new page appears, displaying the message: "Payment Submitted" as a small plane illustration flies and circles over the message.

Text on screen:

Receive real-time updates…On all your payments…Automate your reconciliation…Choose when you want to reconcile your statements…Let the plugin do the rest.

On screen:

An infographic shows the NetSuite app downloading statement transactions from a banking website.

Text on screen:

Reconciliation Complete!

No need to switch between your bank and NetSuite.

On screen:

Illustrations of a desktop and a laptop computer displaying the "NetSuite" logo scoot back and forth, tipping over a little each time they stop.

Text on screen:

See all your bank account balances and transactions in real-time without leaving NetSuite. And manage your business with confidence. Automate your cash application.

On screen:

Infographics appear of two people, one labeled: "You," the other labeled: "Your client."
An envelope labeled “Invoice” flies from you to your client. Then, currency flies from your client to your banking website. A message displays reading: "Payment Received." The infographic shows question marks appearing as you look back and forth between your bank website and your invoices listed on NetSuite.

Text on screen:

The plugin updates your open receivables data from NetSuite.

On screen:

The plugin icon appears, synchronizing the banking data with NetSuite's. At the end, illustrations appear related to banking transactions, including currency, a calculator, a financial document, a bank, and a check, all neatly organized with the NetSuite plugin.



What Treasury Ignition Offers Today and as You Grow


Do more of your banking within your NetSuite environment. With minimal technical resources on your end, establish a link between NetSuite and your J.P. Morgan accounts in under 20 minutes on average. In a few clicks, enable global payables and receivables capabilities, automated reconciliation and multi-bank cash visibility forecasting in real-time.

Replace your manual bill payment and cash application processes with an integrated payables and receivables offering. Automatically pay your bills, apply cash and reconcile your accounts in the same place, at the same time.

As treasury operations become more complex, cash management can be challenging and time-consuming. Through Trovata, access your multi-bank cash positioning in real-time, and receive analytics and forecasting capabilities. The J.P. Morgan plug-in offers key multi-bank cash insights within NetSuite.

Trovata is an early stage fintech that is modernizing cash management. The company’s capabilities allow treasurers to automate cash positions, forecasting and analysis. Learn more about Trovata here.

Learn from other treasurers in similar businesses. Through in-person events, you will have an opportunity to network, and discuss trends, best practices and shared challenges.

J.P. Morgan launched, in beta, an AI-powered virtual assistant for users of J.P. Morgan Access® OnlineSM. Join our JPM Virtual AssistantSM beta program to access intelligent on-demand support and help shape the future of corporate treasury. If you are interested, please contact us here.

Many more additional features will be available in the coming months.

Read more on PaymentsSource.com

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