36th Annual J.P. Morgan

January 8 - 11, 2018

January 8-11, 2018

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The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference is the largest and most informative healthcare investment symposium in the industry, bringing together industry leaders, emerging fast-growth companies, innovative technology creators, and members of the investment community.

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Event Videos

Joe Biden

Joe Biden on the Fight Against Cancer

Former Vice President of the United States joined the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference to discuss cancer initiatives.
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Bill Gates

Bill Gates on the Current State of Global Health

In his keynote address at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, Bill Gates spoke about the state of healthcare around the world.
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CEO Anne

Anne Wojcicki on Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

The CEO of 23andMe discusses at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference how her genomics company is activating the power of the consumer.
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What is today known as the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference began in 1983 and was hosted by Hambrecht & Quist (H&Q). H&Q was acquired by Chase in 2000 and a year later Chase was acquired by J.P. Morgan. At its infancy, the conference featured just 20 companies, had about 200 attendees and focused on the biotech industry.

Today, while it is still at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference brings thousands of investors from around the world together. The hundreds of companies presenting run the gamut, from start-ups to those with more than $300 billion in market cap, and encompass the entire global healthcare landscape, including pharmaceutical firms, healthcare service providers, profit and not-for-profits, and medical device companies.

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Monday, January 8
healthcare key headshot graphic bill gates

Bill Gates
Co-Chair and Trustee of the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Tuesday, January 9
Jamie Dimon Headshot

Jamie Dimon
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Wednesday, January 10
healthcare key headshot graphic Paul

Paul Begala
Political Analyst and Commentator
for CNN
healthcare key headshot graphic tucker

Tucker Carlson
Host of Tucker Carlson Tonight
and Founder of The Daily Caller
2018 healthcare  dimon headshot quote
Group 10 Created with Sketch. It is always uplifting to come to this conference. - Jamie Dimon



HEALTHCARE January 11, 2018

The 36th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare conference in San Francisco is coming to a close, and although the skies were cloudy we saw rays of investor optimism thanks to the recently passed tax reform, promising new drug development and innovation across the healthcare sector.

We are fortunate to have top CEOs across healthcare share their insights with us each year and the tax bill dominated discussion. It is expected to drive incremental earnings and cash flow across many U.S. centric companies and allows those with cash outside the U.S. to repatriate those balances back to the US.

As a result, many discussions were centered on acquisition and internal investment opportunities.

Valuable conference takeaways like these help set the tone for healthcare investing—once again the conference was the must attend event for all in the industry.

-Lisa Gill

2018 healthcare blog headshot graphic Lisa Gill
Lisa Gill
Managing Director Healthcare Research

HEALTHCARE January 10, 2018

Amazon’s top five best sellers for the holiday season included the kitchen gadgets and tech devices you’d expect. But it also included one of the latest innovations in healthcare: 23andMe’s genetic test, which gives users insight into their ancestry and health profile.

Yesterday we had the privilege of hearing more about the buzz-worthy business from Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of 23andMe. Anne spoke about how her company is changing the landscape of direct-to consumer genetic testing and about bringing the first FDA-approved direct-to-consumer genetic health tests to the market.

One of the most compelling aspects of 23andMe is the breadth of data the company collects. Indeed, Anne noted that while patient privacy concerns abound in healthcare, people are more willing to share their information when given a choice: around 85% of their customers readily agree to contribute their data towards 23andMe’s research initiatives to benefit the “greater common good.” Creating such a database could help create new drugs, detect risks for diseases and other untold findings—highlighting the power of crowdsourcing genetic data and 23andMe’s invaluable contribution to the healthcare field.

And this is what the Healthcare conference is all about— showing investors the most innovative and groundbreaking companies in the industry.


2018 healthcare blog headshot tycho
Tycho Peterson
Managing Director Healthcare Research

HEALTHCARE January 9, 2018

The keynote speeches at the conference always draw significant interest from investors and company management teams alike. Monday’s address by Bill Gates was no different. Over 1,000 attendees queued 45 minutes prior to the start of the event, which did not disappoint. Speaking about the work of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates demonstrated his passion, addressing the progress made on child mortality rates and diseases that disproportionately affect people in developing countries.

Gates also acknowledged the significant challenges that remain to reduce health inequity, but said he’s optimistic about the potential of the private sector and the global health field to work together. He noted that innovation in areas like immunotherapy, neurodevelopment, and microbiome science will ultimately offer compelling solutions for diseases in both developed and developing countries. It was an important reminder of the incredible impact the healthcare industry can have and an inspiring way to start the conference!

Read Bill Gates’ full keynote here.

-Terry-Ann Burrell

2018 healthcare blog headshot graphic terry
Terry-Ann Burrell
North American Healthcare Investment Banker

HEALTHCARE January 8, 2018

As we welcome investors, CEOs, CFOs and fellow J.P. Morgan employees to this year’s 36th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, our 10,000 participants are eager to hear from over 450 public, private and not-for-profit companies ‒ industry-leading innovators who have gathered in San Francisco for this four-day event.

San Francisco is a more relevant location than ever for this conference. In our interconnected world, technology continues to shape all industries, including healthcare. Some of the latest innovations include using artificial intelligence to analyze patient records, 3D visualization to help surgeons operate, drones to bring emergency care, the microbiome to help prevent and treat disease and blockchain to help secure patient data.

This is what the J.P Morgan Healthcare Conference is all about: gathering the brightest minds and keenest investors to further the innovation and technology development that have helped millions of people across the world. We feel especially proud of this conference given healthcare as an industry is uniquely positioned to enhance, prolong and save lives.

We will be blogging right here to keep you informed about what we’re learning so check back for the latest updates!

-Michele and Jeff

2018 healthcare blog headshot graphic Michele
Michele Colocci
Co-Head of Global Healthcare Investment Banking
healthcare blog headshot graphic Jeff Stute
Jeff Stute
Co-Head of Global Healthcare Investment Banking



What are the dates for the 2018 conference

January 8-11, 2018

How do I register for the conference?

The J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference is for clients of the firm, by invitation only. Please reach out to your J.P. Morgan representative to inquire about passes.

Can I register onsite?

Registration closes prior to the conference date. There is no onsite registration.

Can I listen to company presentations if I’m unable to attend in-person?

Yes. Some company presentations will also be available via webcasts.

Where do I get a copy of the agenda?

The agenda is made available only to confirmed attendees.

Are media permitted to attend the conference?

Yes; there are a limited number of press passes for the event.

What is your media policy?

All company presentations are considered on-the-record unless otherwise specified. Luncheon keynotes are off-the-record.


LIVE at the Conference

LIVE at the conference


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