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J.P. Morgan’s platform for cross-asset synthetic strategies

Deliver your Investment Strategy through Nexus

Nexus empowers you to:

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Attract investors with various synthetic delivery formats and payoffs

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Quickly establish track records for innovative strategies across all asset classes

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Improve operational efficiency and governance effectiveness

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The Nexus Solution

Many funded strategies can be replicated synthetically. By replacing a funded investment with an unfunded swap on the same strategy, investors can release cash for capital intensive investments, financing, liquidity or may invest at better rates available to them.

By creating a single reference instrument, it is possible to offer alternative payoffs linked to the same strategy depending on the type of management required. The platform offers a wide range of investable formats including swaps, certificates, warrants, funds and the option component of 3rd party issued note.

Investing synthetically can be lower cost than borrowing against assets. As J.P. Morgan owns the hedge positions and can potentially net across the bank, credit risk is lower and higher leverage can be offered at lower rates than an equivalent standalone loan.

The platform handles all operational aspects including financing, borrow, cash flows, corporate actions, exchange membership, margining, settlement, clearing, reporting, administration and custody. This can lower cost for investors and managers and increase speed of execution.

The platform offers a broad spectrum of reference assets which can be used as building blocks to create customised strategies. These include single stocks, indices, ETFs, mutual funds, J.P. Morgan investable indices, as well as J.P. Morgan future trackers on equities, FX, rates, credit and commodities.

Nexus strategies benefit from J.P. Morgan’s extensive footprint across global exchanges, including otherwise hard to access markets, at competitive rates. The strategies can be rebalanced intraday (e.g. using VWAP, TWAP and POV orders) which managers submit via the Nexus front-end.

Strategy levels are available daily via Bloomberg and the Nexus website. Position reports are provided with an exhaustive breakdown of exposures. All fees are determined at the inception of the product and are fully transparent. Each strategy is monitored closely under an IOSCO compliant governance.

Start Delivering

The J.P. Morgan Nexus Platform is available only to institutional clients of J.P. Morgan. If you believe you qualify and would like to learn more about Nexus, email

Deliver your Investment Strategy through Nexus


If you have a complaint about a J.P. Morgan Nexus strategies you can report it to us in a variety of ways. You can call your usual J.P. Morgan contact, or alternatively you can use email or post.


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Regulatory Disclosure:

EU Benchmarks Regulation

J.P. Morgan Securities Plc (JPMS plc) is registered as a benchmark administrator under article 34 of the EU Benchmarks Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/1011) (“BMR”) and can be found listed on the ESMA Register. The Nexus Platform Business of JPMS plc creates indices, some of which are considered “benchmarks” under BMR.

IOSCO/EU Benchmarks Regulation Supplemental Disclosure
JPMS plc’s IOSCO/BMR Supplemental Disclosure can be viewed here.

Compliance Statement
JPMS plc’s BMR Compliance Statement can be viewed here.

Benchmark Families
JPMS plc’s list of benchmark families can be viewed here.

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