The Disclosure Notice for the Use of Data & Personal Data

We, for the purpose of collecting, processing, and using your personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, hereby notify you of the following:

  1. Specified Purposes of Personal Data Collection

    Your personal data may be collected, processed, used, and locally and internationally transmitted for any of the following purposes prescribed by the Ministry of Justice: Investment Management; Collection, Processing, and Use by Financial Service Providers According to Laws and Regulations and Financial Supervisory Requirements; Financial Dispute Resolution; Financial Supervision, Management and Examination; Collection, Processing, and Use of Personal Data by Non-Government Institutions in Performing Legal Obligations; Consumer and Client Management and Service; Marketing; Business and Technical Intelligence; Information (Communication) and Database Management; Information Communication Security and Management; Credit Investigation; Investigation, Statistical and Research Analysis; Property Management; Securities, Futures, Securities Investment Trust and Consultancy Businesses; Supervision by Other Governmental Institutions; Other Financial Businesses; Other Businesses Specified in Business Registration or Articles of Association; Other Consulting and Advisory Services.

  2. Types of Personal Data

    In addition, the types of personal data as categorized by the Ministry of Justice that may be collected, processed, used, and locally and internationally transmitted by us are as follows: Individual Identification; Financial Identifications, Identification from Government Data; Personal Description; Family Information; Details of Family Members; Properties, Occupation; Current Employment Information; Work Experience; Financial Details; Property; Occupation; Income; Investment and other personal data specified in this Application or agreements actually collected by us from you.

  3. Time Period of Using Personal Data

    Save where required for performing its functions or businesses or otherwise consented by you in writing, We may commence collecting, using, processing, retaining and locally and internationally transmitting the personal data upon the purpose of collecting the personal data and will cease to do so when request us to delete your personal data or to stop collecting, using, processing, retaining and locally and internationally transmitting your personal data within such time reasonably required for us to comply with such request.

  4. Locations where Personal Data is Used

    Locations include Taiwan, U.S.A., India, Hong Kong, UK, Japan, Luxembourg and other locations of the entities listed in Paragraph e. (Entities Using Personal Data) below that use your personal data.

  5. Entities Using Personal Data or to Whom Personal Data may be Disclosed

    The entities who may collect, use, process, retain and /or locally and internationally transmit your personal data are JPMorgan Asset Management (Taiwan) Limited, JPMorgan Asset Management (Asia) Inc. and any of their ultimate holding companies, affiliates or subsidiaries, employees, agents, professional advisers, providers of outsourced services engaged by us, other institutions having business dealings with us; whether the foregoing are inside or outside of Taiwan, for the purposes set out in a. above. We may also provide your personal data to the regulators, authorities in order to meet the disclosure and compliance requirements (including but not limited to tax reporting) under any laws or regulations, codes, guidelines or internal JPMorgan compliance policies applicable to JPMorgan in Taiwan or elsewhere

  6. Manners of Using Personal Data

    Your personal data will be collected, processed, used, and locally and internationally transmitted via written form, telephone, facsimile, electronic media, the Internet, or other appropriate media.

  7. Individuals Rights under Personal Data Protection Law

    You may: (1) make enquiries or request to review; (2) make a duplicate copy; (3) supplement or rectify any error; (4) demand suspension on collecting, processing, or using your personal data; or (5) demand deletion, with respect to your personal data held by us. In the case where you request for supplement or rectification of your personal data, you must provide us with the adequate explanations and supporting information including the background and facts for such request.

  8. Consequences of Failure to Provide Personal Data

    Any failure to disclose your personal data to us will affect your benefits and interests to the extent the purposes specified in Paragraph a. above cannot be attained.