The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 (the “Act”) was signed into law on 13 July, 2021, and the subsequent Regulations were effective from 31 May, 2022.

Initially, employers with 250 or more employees on a ‘snapshot date’ of 1 June 2022 are in scope (narrowing to 150 employees in 2024 and employers with 50 or more employees in 2025).

Accordingly, JPMSE Dublin Branch is in scope for 2022 and obliged to provide a report by 31 December, 2022.

The information to be reported will include the difference between:

  • the Mean and Median hourly remuneration of male and female employees
  • the Mean and Median bonus / incentive compensation award of male and female employees
  • the Mean and Median hourly remuneration of part-time male and female employees*
  • the Mean and Median hourly remuneration gap of temporary contract employees*

The information will also include the percentage of male and female employees who:

  • received bonuses / incentive compensation awards
  • received benefits in kind
  • are in the lower; lower-middle; upper-middle and upper range pay bands

Where any pay gaps are identified, employers must set out the reasons for this and the measures (if any) being taken, or proposed to be taken, to eliminate or reduce any such pay gaps.

Note that a pay gap is different to pay equity. Pay equity or equal pay is based on a statistical analysis that compares employees performing similar work and their compensation, i.e., comparable pay for comparable work. The pay gap is a raw comparison of pay without consideration of the factors that typically impact pay.

*JPMSE Dublin branch did not employ any male part time or temporary workers on the snapshot date and therefore there is no comparative data for these populations.






D - Lower



C - Lower Middle



B - Upper Middle



A - Upper



Pay Gaps



Hourly Pay



Bonus Pay






% Employees Received Bonus



% Employees Received Benefit in Kind



Key Observations:

  • Our mean hourly pay gap is 22.40%
  • Our median hourly pay gap is 15.47%
  • Our mean bonus pay gap is 46.51%
  • Our median bonus pay gap is 24.57%

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Women represent approximately half of our global workforce and almost 40% of our firm’s Operating Committee. In Ireland, women represent more than 40% of our workforce and over 33% of our Managing Director population (our most senior level).

We remain committed to engaging and developing women at all levels, but still have work to do to increase the representation of women in senior roles, the lack of which, we believe is a key contributing factor to the gender pay gap for JPMSE Dublin Branch. To address this, we continue to analyze the available data to understand and address the unique barriers women face in the workplace.

Our commitment to making our workplace diverse, equitable and inclusive means that every hire, internal move, promotion, and talent decision supports our business principles, the strength and effectiveness of our teams, and a thriving culture.

We are determined to continue our progress. It is vital to our sustainable success.

Advancing Women is a Key Priority

Investing in the advancement of women is a strategic focus for our firm. Over the years, we have developed and launched a range of tools and resources that enable women to progress – whether it is supporting them to advance their own careers and gain new skills or helping the firm attract top talent. 

We aim to better understand how best to deliver opportunities to women to enable them to develop and advance within the organisation. At J.P. Morgan, we strongly believe that a diverse and inclusive work environment is critical to our success – and it includes a commitment to gender diversity.  We have adopted a number of regional and global initiatives of which our Irish employees are an integral part.  We believe that these initiatives are a vital resources in helping us tackle the gender pay gap in Ireland.

Key Focus Areas:

Campus Recruitment

Our “Women In…” events are designed for undergraduates across EMEA and provide audiences with the opportunity to meet with some of our most influential and inspirational leaders at J.P. Morgan. These events provide the perfect opportunity for students to learn more about the firm, our businesses, and our culture. They showcase female role models and male allies in Investment Banking, Markets, Asset & Wealth Management, Quantitative Analytics, Software Engineering and Corporate teams. They share their experiences of working at J.P. Morgan alongside insights into specific lines of business and activities to simulate the work done in that area. Over the course of the event, students are provided with an in-depth look at the firm, an overview of the diverse opportunities we provide, and an understanding of how to make a meaningful contribution to our community, culture and global mission.

Experienced Recruitment

We recognise that rewarding careers don’t always follow a conventional path. We value the diversity, fresh perspective and wealth of experience that returning professionals can bring. The ReEntry Program is designed for accomplished professionals who have taken an extended career break for at least two years and wish to return to the workforce full-time. The program provides the support and resources needed to relaunch their careers. Ideal candidates are at the Associate and Vice President levels (or equivalent) at the time of departure from their previous employment with the relevant experience for the role in which they are being considered. The ability to integrate, influence and partner with colleagues in the program and assignments is critical.

Through hands-on experience and intensive training, participants develop industry knowledge and insight to prepare them for a long-term career path. Participants also benefit from the engagement of managers, mentors and program alumni.

We are exploring other initiatives, for example, engaging with the Re-Boot program for 2023. The emphasis of this program is specifically on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) women returners who have been absent from the workforce following a career break to encourage and strengthen diversity in Technology functions. It comprises of an initial four-week specialist training period and then a twelve-week work placement with us.


We work tirelessly to advance an inclusive workplace culture where our people feel supported to bring their whole, authentic selves to work every day, confident that they can thrive with equal opportunities for career advancement. DEI is what makes our firm strong, and we want to build a workforce that brings together people with unique skills, backgrounds and professional experiences. Achieving this is a shared responsibility, built on both personal and shared accountability, which is why we embed our DEI strategy throughout the firm’s businesses and employees at all levels.

We have developed inclusive and innovative business resource groups (BRGs) where our employees can freely voice their opinions, share their ideas for developing the business and build bridges with like-minded colleagues across the firm. We have nine BRGs, which are accessible to all our employees, globally. These are all represented in Ireland:

  • Access Ability: Disability and Caregiver
  • Adelante: Latino and Hispanic
  • AsPIRE: Asians & Pacific Islanders Reaching for Excellence
  • BOLD: Black Organization for Leadership Development
  • NextGen: Leadership Development for Early Career Professionals
  • PRIDE: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, + and Ally
  • VETS: Voices for Employees That Served
  • WOTM: Women On The Move
  • WFN: Working Families Network

Over the years, WOTM has actively worked towards empowering women to own their careers and overcome the unique barriers they face in the workplace. The BRG invests in the advancement of women by identifying the barriers to advancement and creating meaningful change. As a next step, WOTM championed the “Men as Allies” program to encourage male colleagues across the firm to join the BRG as an ally and partner to further the cause. The program was launched on International Men’s Day – 11 November, 2018. Equality in the workplace is not just good for women, it’s good for business. This is why WOTM is inclusive of both men and women who are passionate about driving workplace equality and supporting other colleagues develop their careers.

Parents@jpmc is a firmwide initiative to promote parental programs and provide practical support and tools to help working parents. The goal is to make it easier for parents to find information and resources specific to their parenting needs, as well as create opportunities to meet and learn from other parents at the firm. It provides numerous resources to employees, including information about benefits, time off policies, feeding support, adoption assistance, childcare options, mentor programs and education.

In 2023, we’re launching new end-to-end support for parents, included within this offering will be:

  • Training for managers of pregnant women (where potential issues are explored from both a manager and employee’s perspective and a reminder of the firm’s policies is provided)
  • Workshops to support maternity leavers with their transition from work to maternity leave and return to the workplace
  • One-to-one coaching

To help manage the challenges of work, family, career, education and the many other facets of life, J.P. Morgan offers enhanced employee assistance and work-life services for employees and their family members through VHI. It’s fast, free, confidential and available 24/7. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a professional counselling, consultation and referral service to help employees, partners and dependants with issues related to:

  • Maternity: Coaching on personal and family priorities, managing health, understanding ways to manage parenting challenges and make decisions with sleep, breastfeeding and weaning
  • Life Challenges: Issues related to family conflict, parenting, pregnancy, birth, maternity coaching, work-life balance, work-related conflicts, financial stress and traumatic loss
  • Emotional Health: Help with depression, anxiety, difficulty controlling anger, alcohol or drug abuse, and grief
  • Legal and Financial Issues: Assistance finding legal and financial information and consultation
  • Referrals: Help finding childcare facilities, elder care services and physical health and wellness resources
  • Resources: Assistance in finding general community resources to support other family needs.

In 2021, we created a series of webinars to raise awareness around domestic abuse for employees and managers. Intranet resources signpost employees and managers to help and support both inside and outside the firm.

We know there is more work to be done to increase the number of women in senior positions. We continue to focus on supporting and developing women at all levels, and our managers and leaders own and drive this across their business areas.