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Global Index Research Group Disclaimers

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All information provided herein regarding J.P. Morgan Index products (referred to herein as "Index" or "Indices"), including without limitation, the levels of the Indices, is provided for informational purposes only, and nothing herein constitutes, or forms part of, an offer or a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument, or an official confirmation of any transaction, or a valuation or a price for any product referencing the Indices. Nor should anything herein be construed as a recommendation to adopt any investment strategy or as legal, tax or accounting advice. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. All Indices are derived from sources, including market prices, data and other information, that are considered reliable, but the Index Administrator (defined below) does not warrant their completeness or accuracy or any other information furnished in connection with the Indices. Past performance is not indicative of future returns, which will vary. J.P. Morgan and/or its affiliates and employees may hold positions (long or short), effect transactions or act as market maker in the financial instruments of any issuer data contained herein or act as underwriter, placement agent, advisor, or lender to such issuer.

The Global Index Research Group of J.P. Morgan Securities LLC ("JPMS") (the "Index Administrator") does not sponsor, endorse or otherwise promote any security or financial product or transaction (each the "Product") referencing any of the Indices.

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