Notice regarding EU e-Commerce information, in terms of the European Union Electronic Commerce Directive and related legislation throughout Europe:

Most European Legislators have enacted into Law the Electronic Commerce Directive adopted by the EU Internal Market council in May 2000, and in terms of this JPMorgan is required to make certain disclosures to recipients of certain electronic communications and services provided.

The collation of information on the various companies below does not imply: (i) any cross liability relationship between the companies identified, or (ii) any relationship between you and any of the companies identified other than the JPMorgan company that you are dealing with in relation to the relevant service.

The particular J.P. Morgan entity dealing with you in relation to any particular services will be disclosed to you either in its terms of business and/or on any applicable website. If you are in doubt about which J.P. Morgan entity you are dealing with in relation to a particular service or communication, please contact your usual sales representative at J.P. Morgan and this information will be provided to you upon request.

For information on J.P. Morgan’s European Legal Entities, please consult: