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Updated statement: In 2014 we set an internal target to achieve 30% representation of women on our boards* in EMEA. We continue to make progress towards achieving this target across our EMEA boards and will conduct a further review in 2019.

Target for representation of Women on EMEA Boards

We have set an internal target to achieve 30% representation of women on our boards in EMEA, including those boards regulated under CRD IV and MiFID II.

These targets will be achieved through periodic reviews of structure, size, composition and performance of Boards, and a promotion and focus on the existing practices embedded in our Firmwide Diversity & Inclusion Strategy outlined below.

Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Diversity and Inclusion are the cornerstones of JPMorgan Chase’s corporate culture. It’s part of our DNA. We recognize that we gain strength from a diverse workforce and embrace our differences. At our firm, we are committed to a culture of openness and meritocracy, and believe in giving every individual an opportunity to succeed while bringing their whole selves to work. Our diverse employee base and inclusive environment are strengths that lead to the best solutions for our customers and for every community that we serve.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy has three pillars — Workforce, Workplace and Marketplace — with Management Accountability as the foundation and element most critical to our ability to hire, train and retain great and diverse employees whose unique perspectives help us realize our business objectives.


Employees are our greatest asset and the key to achieving our objectives, effectively serving our customers and business partners, and ensuring our adherence to the requirements and policies governing our company.

We are committed to continuously expanding our scope for attracting talent, as well as fostering, supporting and increasing internal mobility across all of our lines of business and functions. Attracting talent from the broadest pool creates a competitive advantage that fosters greater innovation, creativity and productivity. There is tremendous power that results from this kind of diversity.


In simple terms, diversity brings together talent with unique perspectives, and inclusion creates the opportunities for all individuals to contribute and effectively work together to achieve success as a whole. Working in an inclusive environment motivates exceptional effort. When employees feel comfortable and valued, they are more engaged, productive, and motivated to deliver the best service and most innovative solutions. Positive work environments are imperative to support retention of the talented people we hire, and the investment we make in their professional development.


Our diverse workforce helps our customers and business partners achieve their business goals. By recruiting the highest quality people who reflect the customers and communities that we serve and the marketplaces where we operate, we increase our ability to deliver solutions and strengthen our financial performance.

Management Accountability

Engage managers at all levels of the organization to be responsible for their people platform. Inclusion of diversity as part of our normal business practices.